Establishing and Operating A Project Management Office (PMO)
PMOC© Exam Prep
Do you prepare for PMOC Exam?
If Yes, Then you belong to Nexus Academy PMOC Exam Prep course that will be held on 17th of March at Riyadh City, KSA
Course Objective:
What a project office is and the functions/services it provides
Develop a design for an effective project office environment
Gain management commitment to resources, and processes
Design and develop infrastructure and support processes
Prepared for PMO Certification exam from the ALLPMO Network
Course Outline:
1. Setting the Stage for an Effective PMO
2. Strategic Planning for the Right Project Mix
3. Determining the PMO Model for Your Organization
4. Relating the PMO to the New Form of Project Management
5. Selling the Concept
6. Implementing the PMO
7. Components of a PMO
8. Determining What Services to Offer
9. Roles and Responsibilities
10. Toward Sustainability
Course Date: 19/5/2012
Course Place: RIYADH
Course duration: 3days
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