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1. from the Group Chief Executive

[IMG]file:///C:/Users/Fujitsu/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtml1/01/clip_image004.jpg[/IMG]THIS is our first attempt at defining our corporate social responsibility strategy and I hope it conveys how much importance we place to this subject across the business. We recognize that our activities have a social, economic and environmental impact on the communities where we work; in a sense, corporate social responsibility is a business imperative.

Majakathata Pheko
Group Chief Executive

We also recognize that to be successful, we need to ensure that our approach is capable of managing this impact in a manner that creates a positive change to the society overall, both in the short and long term.

Oseg Group’s vision is to be the leading and globally recognised outsourcer and financial service provider in Africa. Oseg Group has built capacity in terms of people, technology and processes to allow us to manage the customer cycle by providing customer acquisitions, customer service, customer retention solutions and back-end risk management.

We believe in real change. Engaging our customers and stakeholders in a manner that adds value; this must meet the objectives of corporate social responsibility. This means that in the long term, this must be sustainable. To this end, corporate social responsibility must directly influence the action we take across all areas of our business when we implement our strategic plan; how we manage our business, the new developments and innovations we bring to market, and the way we interact with our markets.

We have also imparted a sense of responsibility within our employees so that they see that they live the core values of the organization and see that they must be champions with the communities that they live and work.

In publishing this corporate social responsibility strategy we hope to explain the work we have been doing and set out a new path on how we will deliver our vision in the years ahead.

As this is our first such endeavour, we are particularly interested to know what you think of our approach. Please e-mail me at mpheko@oseg.co.bw

2. About Us

Oseg Group is a leading business process outsourcer and financial services provider in Botswana. Oseg Group has built capacity in terms of people, technology and processes to allow us to manage the customer cycle by providing customer acquisitions, customer service, customer retention solutions and back-end risk management.

The company operates mainly in the public and the private sector offering customer management and financial services solutions. Over the past four and half years of our existence, Oseg Group has grown from a small company employing 4 people to a medium size company with a staff complement of 75 employees.


Oseg Group has three divisions namely:

Oseg Direct and
Oseg Capital
Oseg Debtsolve

We are an organization that puts people first and believes in developing long lasting relationships with our customers. This is attested to by our profile and the clientele base which includes some of the leading corporates and parastatals in Botswana.

Mission Statement

To provide efficient and innovative global standard customer management and financial solutions for businesses

Vision Statement

To be the leading and globally recognised outsourcing and financial services provider in Africa


Customer satisfaction -we will continually exceed customer expectations
People development -we empower, up-skill and motivate our people to achieve high performance
Social responsibility -we are sensitive to the needs of the community
Innovation and entrepreneurship -we encourage and implement new ideas
Synergy -we promote cross functional and vertical communication
Performance -we are driven by results
Integrity -we establish and maintain high standards of professionalism and trust in our day-to-day functions

Our strategic goals are covered in four (4) areas:
· Financial Goals

To increase turnover by 400% while maintaining profit margins of 40%
To be listed on Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) by 2010
· Customer Goals

To increase customer acquisition through marketing, advertising and launching new products and services
To maintain customer retention by 90% through customer service and follow-up
· Internal Processes

To improve customer management, service management and operations management (to be ISO certified by improving quality standards)
To increase response rate and reduce wastage rate by 100%
· Learning and Growth

To be the employer of choice

As such our corporate social responsibility approach must be in line with these core values and strategic goals. We are realigning our business to ensure that corporate responsibility is an integral part of it. In outlining this strategy we are able to explain the work we have been doing and to set out a new course in how we intend to deliver our business objectives in a responsible and sustainable manner.

There are five (5) themes that underpin our approach to corporate responsibility:

· Governance and performance -how we run our business

· Stakeholder and customer relations –how we communicate our vision, mission and services

· Value proposition –how we create lasting value in the relationships we have with our customers; and bring about customer delight

· Sustainable development –how we ensure technological and other strategic investments ensure organic growth and achieve business leadership

· People –how we ensure that staff have the requisite skills to deliver our strategic objectives and long term vision.

Over the third quarter of 2008/2009 we intend to:

Develop a performance framework that ensures the delivery of our corporate social responsibility approach
Work with our customers, the business community, and the key sectors of society that will help enhance our approach

We believe that by doing this, we will have a robust and responsive corporate social responsibility approach that will add value and help deliver sustainable and meaningful partnerships that benefits our organization, employees, customers, and the communities in which we do business.

This approach will have four (4) key programme areas that will be led by:

  • Oseg Group
  • Oseg employees
  • Initiatives that are driven by our customers/clients and
  • Responsibility involvement that is of a national importance

3. How we run our business

We are committed to serving our clients with a high degree of service excellence. We recognize the importance of maintaining service levels; to this end we carry out our business competently, with integrity, with due care for the interests of our stakeholders, and with full compliance of applicable laws, rules, and best practice benchmarks that we set for ourselves.

Oseg has reviewed its business practice policies and ensured that these comply with international best practice; we also conduct an annual customer survey for the benefit of customer service improvement and improvement of business processes.

Corporate Social Responsibility lies at the heart of our customer service approach. The Chief Executive has overall responsibility for the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and ensures that its delivery through the Executive Team and their respective areas of the business. The Company Board will maintain a strict supervision and challenging role with the Chief Executive reporting directly to it.

We are in the process of developing a performance framework to proactively deliver our vision and strategy. Central to our approach will be the way we interact with our customers and other stakeholders.

Not only will we be identifying what they want to know about us, we will also be asking them for more information about what they would like us to do for them and involving them more in the development of future products and services.

The Corporate Social Responsibility strategy will be working hand-in-hand with a series of existing policies and initiatives; namely:

· Business Continuity Management & Disaster Recovery Policy
· Human Resources Training & Development and Staff Welfare Policy
· Oseg Business Practices Policy
· Employee Handbook
· Oseg Group Performance Management System

We have a track record of supporting individuals, voluntary organizations and running initiatives through our corporate giving programme. Our commitment is reflected in the donations we make, both from our Company and our employees, and by sharing our time and skills. This has included:

  • Oseg – AP Diamond Classic
  • IFSC Career Fair participation
  • BPO Contact Centre Platform
  • BPO Customer Service Conference participation
  • White City Day Care Centre
  • VGEA memorandum of understanding

In addition our programme of corporate giving has included a range of once-off support in response to particular campaigns. In the last year we have given over P40, 000.

4. Involving Customers and our stakeholders

Central to our business approach is the way we communicate with customers and stakeholders. To ensure that they are always at the heart of our business, we ask them what they want us to do and undertake market research to develop innovative products and services that meet the needs of the market.

We understand that to be a market leader in the BPO service industry we have to listen to our customers. We remain committed to customer involvement and as such we have resolved to continuously request feedback at the point of contact with the customer on issues relating to our service.

Customer Survey
We have successfully implemented a customer survey that gauges customer feedback about our core business activities and the service levels that we provide. In this way customers work with us to shape the service and identify priorities for improvement and share our success story.

As a result of this and other self-assessment initiatives, customer delight has improved, our business is better positioned to meet the challenges of operating in our market, and we are making better value of the resources we have.

We are also restructuring and improving our customer section of our website and we are working with our customers on future web-based service offerings.

Service Level Agreements
For every contract we engage in, we commit ourselves to service levels by way of our customer service level agreements. These are binding documents that define how we manage the relationship with the customer and what we can reasonably commit to in order to ensure that we meet and/or exceed customer service expectations.

Future Products & Services
To better understand our customer’s needs and incorporate these in our product and service offerings, we have developed an in-house inter-business unit discussion platform that serves as a forum for brainstorming across the Company. This is done so as in order to identify how our business could evolve by considering what products and services are needed both now and in the future.

Moving forward we are committing ourselves to:
· Establish a programme of target audience contact and feedback
· Engaging in various service forums to address issues related to the accounts receivable and contact centre industries. These will be either
i. public sector business breakfasts
ii. initiatives run by our customers
iii. customer appreciation days and
iv. regional and international service conferences
· Build on the momentum established by the success generated by our inter-business unit discussion platform
· Implement online services to customers via our website

5. Creating value across the relationship

Our value proposition is distinct in the market. We are committed to a long term partnership model that focuses on managing the customer management cycle and increases the value per relationship between our customers and their customers.

We do this through the deployment of technology, processes and capable people to manage customer experience for our clients. Our Contact Centre Suite has the necessary inbound and outbound features such as:

· Predictive Dialer
· CTI screen pops
· Virtual Queue
· service level alerts
· skills based routing predictive and
· real-time statistic reporting etc

that strongly positions us to deploy scalable and customer focused interventions that add value to our customers’ bottom line.

Oseg Group has a large skill pool championed by continuous people development which starts from proper recruitment. Intensive training and development of good communication skills, confidence, telephone etiquette, commercial awareness and computer proficiency is provided to employees through a training program.

This has led to Oseg Group firmly establishing itself as the leading BPO outsourcer and the only one offering end to end customer management solutions in Botswana. The quality of our service can be attested by our clientele base and retention rates.

We also have global recognition at one of the world’s premium awards by being nominated for Best Non European Contact Centre of the Year 2007, at the CCF Awards held in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

We are continuously looking at our business model; and developing new products and services that address real business needs that will keep us firmly ahead in the market.

Moving forward we will:

  • Develop a public sector marketing strategy
  • Look at our entire marketing strategy across our business
  • Increase our knowledge base
  • Practically apply the lessons learnt from the knowledge research initiative to complement our product and service offerings
  • Ensure that we review our resource allocation to respond to changing market conditions in a sustainable and cost effective manner
  • Improve the quality aspect to how we do business so that this translates into added value for our customers

6. Investing in People

To deliver our vision we are committed to offering a mix of rewards, training and development opportunities and flexible working conditions to attract and retain our best and most driven people.


Learning & Growth

Celebrating our successes

7. Our approach and its key features

Our strategy will drive the approach that we will lay out. This will have a mix of sustainable projects that are:

  • Oseg driven
  • Employee led
  • Customer Social Responsibility initiatives and
  • Projects and Programmes that are of national interest and importance

These will be mapped out on a yearly basis in the Corporate Social Responsibility Programme which supports this strategy. In so doing we hope to build on our successes as a Company and look forward to a long and sustainable partnership with the communities in which we do business.