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Use this form when you are evaluating candidate vendors through interviews with their customers. Have a member of your project team (or a small group) contact the vendor’s customer and go through this questionnaire. Enter data from Part II into the Client-Reference Rating Summary worksheet.

Part I. General Information

Vendor Information

Vendor Name

Customer Information

Customer Organization Name

Customer Address

Contact Name

Contact Phone

Contact E-mail

Contact Role (e.g., user, tech staff)

Comments on Customer

Product Version Number

Date Implemented

Vendor Representative Name

<Your Organization> Staff Information

Date of Interview

Name of Interviewer

Role of Interviewer
[ ] Project Team
[ ] Tech Staff
[ ] User

Part II. Vendor Ratings - Quantitative

Before filling out this section, be certain that you have indicated Role of Interviewer above.

Enter degree of Customer Satisfaction using the following scale of 1 – 5. Include an explanation in the Comment column if the rating is 1,2 or 5. (Comments for other ratings are optional.)

1 = Very Dissatisfied (Fails to meet expectations; Item is seriously flawed)
2 = Somewhat Dissatisfied (Item has some flaws)
3 = Satisfied (Meets expectations; Item is functional but could be better)
4 = More than Satisfied (Item is better than expected)
5 = Extremely Satisfied (Exceeds expectations; Item is everything we hoped for and more)

System Configuration Process


Quality of Training

Product Documentation

System Functionality /
Ease of Use

Maintenance /
Technical Support

Vendor Timeliness of Work

Vendor Technical Skill

Vendor Response /
Degree of Cooperation

Overall Product and Vendor

Part III. Vendor Ratings - Qualitative

1. Was the system completed within the original schedule?
[ ] Yes [ ] No

If No, what caused the delay?

1. Was the system completed within the original contract price?
[ ] Yes [ ] No

If No, was the final cost greater or less? What caused the change?

1. Would you change any aspect of your contract with the vendor?
[ ] Yes [ ] No

If Yes, what would the change be?

1. How many of your own staff did you commit to this project? Was that an appropriate number? What roles did they play?

1. If you had it to do all over again, what would you have done differently?

1. Interviewer comments: