Jordan Business Excellence Center
in cooperation with
Nizar Abanda Academy

مركز الأعمال الريادي الأردني وبالتعاون مع أكاديمية نزار عبنده تدعوكم لحضور البرنامج التدريبي المعتمد في تدريب المدربين
would like to invite you to participate in the accredited T.O.T training program

Certified Professional Trainer
المدرب الإحترافي المعتمد

December 16-27, 2012 - 3:00pm -7:00pm
Amman –Jordan
Bristol Hotel

Course Objectives
After the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to
Deliver successful training sessions to adult participants.
Train according to Kolb learning styles.
Manage Fear of Public Speaking.
Earn trainees respect by introduce themselves powerfully.
Give good first impression through course Introduction.
Present training content effectively.
Create and use visual aids.
Demonstrate effective facilitation skills.
Ask and answer questions appropriately.
Give feedback to participants.
Receive feedback non-defensively.
Manage difficult participants.
Manage difficult situation during the course.
Conduct short and long training sessions.
Evaluate participants’ performance.

.Kolb Learning Styles.
Introduce Yourself as a Trainer.
Manage Fear of Public Speaking.
Practical Training
Introducing the training session (GLOSS Technique).
o Practical Training
Presenting training content (EASE Technique)
o Using media effectively
o The art and science of asking and answering questions
o Practical Training
Giving and receiving feedback (FEED Technique)
o Using effective Body Language.
o Practical Training
Concluding the training session (OFF Technique)
o Practical Training
Professional classroom management techniques
o Advanced PowerPoint Tips.
o Managing session time.
o Managing over and under-participation.
o Managing difficult participant behavior.
o Practical Training
Evaluating the training experience
Full Training Sessions by Trainees with Evaluation from the trainer
Full Training Sessions by Trainees
Full Training Sessions by Trainees

Training Fee: 600 JD Per Participant
(Training Fee, Attendance Certificates, Accredited Certificates, Materials, Coffee breaks)

For Registration, please fill in the attached form and send it back to:
For more clarification, please call: 079-6388898, 079-7151225