HR Kaizen

:Who are we

  • •HRKAIZEN is founded by a group of partners who believe in continuous improvement of the most valuable asset in the world of business – the human resources

  • •We aim to develop management concepts. Our goal is not only to utilize the available resources, but also to develop and benefit from them in the most possible way

  • •Our quality of service is supported by our diversified experience in the HR, Sales, Marketing & Training fields

Why are we here
•We are here because we believe that HR is the core of any business and the force behind it
• We intend to create HR awareness and also to achieve an HR improved management style through a total shift in the mind. We believe that this is what you too would like to achieve

•We know that as much as what you do is essential, the way you do it is even more vital

•All your available resources, assets, systems and materials are important and we would like to assist you in doing what matters the most… making the best out of them

HR Kaizen Services

HR Training
•Fundamental HR Management
•HR Strategies
•Job Analysis
•Job Description
•Hiring For Smart
•HR Budgeting
•Interviewing skills
•Competency Modeling
• Performance Management
•Compensation Management I /II
•Workforce Planning
•Competency Modeling
•Diversity in the work place
•And Other…..

T&D Training
•Facilitation Skills
•Training Needs Assessment
•Training and Development
•Training Evaluation
•Using Activities in Training
•The Practical Trainer

•Train-the-Trainer – Survival
•Train-the-Trainer – Development
•And Other…….

Managerial Training

•HR for non HR Managers
•Team Building
•Problem Solving
•Coaching : A Leadership Skills

•Conflict Resolution

• Negotiation Skills

•Supply chain Management

•And Other…….

Soft Skills Training

•Time Management Skills
•Time Management and Outlook
•Business Etiquette
•Business Ethics for the Office
•Customer relationship management
•Presentation Skills
•Communication Skills
•Customer services
•Sales and marketing course

•Empowerment& Delegation skills
•Safety in the Workplace
•Conflict management
•Supervisory skills

•Business writing
•Report writing
•Decision making and problem solving

•And Other…..

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