Turkey - Istanbul from 12 to 05/16/2013
- familiarize participants with the theoretical concepts in scientific and technical communication and interpersonal and humanitarian.
- develop positive attitudes in dealing and communicating with others, especially customers.
- develop participants' skills in providing excellent services to the customers.
- identify impediments to personal contact and deal effectively with customers.
- devoted to modern technology to serve you and your company.
- enable participants to address complaint and customer complaints and customers.
- the administrative process and the location and function of the service providers.
- managerial and behavioral skills to be met by an employee who deals with customers.
- basic concepts in outstanding service to the public and build and manage a system service.
- connection types: self, personal and public, administrative and success factors.
- patterns of the public (customers) and how to deal with them and their interest.
- thinking skills, writing and speaking and listening
- strategies to gain the public and customers satisfaction and presidents.
- gauge public opinion and its effects on customer service and customers.
- how to handle customer complaints and customer how rumors resistance.
- CRM.
- management strategies and the development of customer relationships and the development of services.
- the use of modern technology in dealing with the public and clients.
- practical situations in the service of the public and customers.
- managers, supervisors and employees at various administrative levels and public service workers, customers and Employees of public relations and the receiver who deal with the public directly or indirectly, and all workers in the offices of senior management.

Cost : 2250 $
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