The training program
Economic feasibility studies and evaluation of the project investment in oil companies
Turkey –Istanbul 12 -16/5/2013
- hone the skills of the participants to identify the method of preparation of feasibility studies in oil company.
- develop the skills of the participants in the use of various methods of financial and technical and economic evaluation of oil projects.
- familiarize participants with the best methods available for the financing of oil projects.
- computer use in the preparation of feasibility studies and evaluation in oil company.
- identify the sources of funding available for oil projects and guarantees and risks.
- understanding of the investment climate and investment environment for oil companies projects.
- develop the skills of the participants on the methods of collection and analysis of data and information necessary for the completion of feasibility studies.
- self-financing needs and choose the right ones depending on the circumstances and potential investors.
- basic concepts about the nature of the investment:
- concept and the importance of and the types of investment.
- the nature of the relationship between risk and return on investment.
- BASIC for investment decisions in oil companies.
- the nature and importance of economic feasibility studies in oil companies:
- the concept and importance of the types of economic feasibility studies in oil compnaies.
- preliminary feasibility study in oil compnaiesand detailed and technical.
- methods of trade-offs between the projects and alternatives in oil companies:
- economic and technical methods and Finance.
- marketing and technical aspects of the project:
- market study in oil compnaies.
- models used in the forecasting process in oil companies
- technical and engineering aspects of the feasibility study in oil compnaies:
- site selection and environmental impact.
- choose energy project.
- selection of equipment.
- identify the needs of the project of public utilities.
- determine the necessary manpower.
- necessary aspects of capitalism in oil companies:
- fixed assets necessary.
- working capital needed.
- necessary expenses of incorporation.
- Total investment required.
- expected sales.
- operating costs of fixed and variable.
- cash flow tables.
- the expected return of the project.
- criteria for evaluating investment projects in oil companies:
- standard payback period (standard time) PBP
- standard average rate of return (IAS) ARR
- standard net present value NPV
- Standard Cost Ratio (Accounting Manual(.
- standard internal rate of return IRR
- the breakeven point B.E.P style

- managers and workers in the field of investment, finance, financial departments staff in oil companies.
- managers, engineers, accountants, legal and workers in the management of projects and contracts in oil companies.
- managers and heads of departments sections of projects, feasibility studies and project management wishing to conduct feasibility studies for their institutions

Cost : 2250 us dollar without hotels & tickets .

Registration : 00962799002612