Mohannad AL Mohtaseb :
Date of Birth: 10/05/1976 (Age: 36)
Gender: Male
Nationality : Syria
Degree: Bachelor's degree in Law + Diploma rehabilitation and majored in Business Administration
Status: Married
Career goal:
Development of work and make a profit for both parties and in performance quality commensurate with international standards and provide the fullest picture which led to my success in my work and the success of the company that I work for her, and it shows the level of increase profits physical and moral
Director of administrative and legal affairs at Farah Syria
Location: Damascus - Irbeen near Sahaba Mosque
Damascus office Muhannad AL Mohtaseb office
Manufacturing and supply: Company Industry
Oversee the recruitment and management of the labor movement and the conduct of administrative matters and set the workers and evaluate the performance of all contracts with third parties and legal disputes and follow-up with all the parties and the courts
I own my own law firm and worked as a lawyer for a period of twelve years in various kinds of commercial and civil cases and criminal
Access to all the rights and demands of customers and dealing with the various departments and sectors to be the implementation of and follow-up business entrusted to my office even achieved the highest degree of customer satisfaction and self and the material and moral Profit and high reputation excellent in labor circles
Office Address: Damascus - Street Revolution - Bahsa - build a creative company of the computer - Tel 00963112311052
And to extract the securities of the company from legal licenses and approvals administrative, financial and legal for a period of two years.
Managing director and group legal throughout Egypt
Company Industry: Distribution and Marketing
Management and organization of work among the dormitories and supervision of external relations with customers and ensure the implementation of the plans and objectives of the company's best and pursue legal matters relating to contract and legal disputes and conduct transactions with government departments and for one year and so far
Additional years of experience not listed above: 12 years as a lawyer in the office sector in various types of courts, business suits and criminal and civil beginning and the appeal and set aside.
Diploma in Business Administration + computer courses