Malaysia –Kualalumbur 25 -29/8/2013
Directed to
Directors of departments and heads of departments and employees with technical and financial departments
Objectives of the program
• familiarize participants with the preparation of budgets and methods applied in practice
• develop the skills of the participants in the use of budgets in control
• provide participants with effective cost control approach through a system of budgets
Main contents:
· Objectives of management and budget preparation
· Functions planning budgets
· Elements of system planning budgets
- Forecasting methods
-Participation in the preparation of the budget
· Types of budgets
- Ongoing budget problems prepared
- Capital budgets
· Budgeting and cost control:
-Estimated costs and cost reduction
- Standard costs and cost control
· Target costing and cost-effective control
-Identify target costs .
-Determine the cost gap.
-Cost control by getting rid of / or reduce the cost gap
· Budgets through the accounting system of responsibility
-Preparation of budgets on the basis of accounting responsibility
-Identify deviations from the budget in accordance with the regulatory responsibility
· Methods of stimulation and cost reduction
-Productivity and motivation
-Stimulation methods
-Cost reduction through stimulus
· Cost control reports
-Types of regulatory reporting
- Use the reports to monitor the cost

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