A training course entitled
Training Co-ordinators Workshop: Improving Training Effectiveness
Those who work as Training Co-ordinators - liaising with line managers about training needs, organizing training events and selecting courses and trainers
Those working in Training & Development - including full-time trainers and also those in a line role with responsibilities for training people - who wishes to enhance their knowledge and understanding of what is involved in the role of Training Co-ordinator. Anyone involved in an administrative role
Managers in Personnel/HR and Training & Development functions who wish to assess new approaches to the role of a Training Co-ordinator - perhaps with a view to improving how their Training Co-ordinators are managed and their effectiveness
Specify how Training & Development can contribute to the business
Recommend improvements to the way Training & Development is positioned in their organization's
Be able to use latest administrative and systems techniques
Describe how best practice of a Training Coordinator should apply to them in their situation
Apply the new 4 quadrant analysis model to their work
Demonstrate in-depth personal learning and new skills and methods for identifying training needs and understand the evaluation model and how it works
Take away for implementation in their organization an action plan for implementation which should significantly improve efficiency
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