What's the best career for me?!

You may have asked yourself this question a hundred of times, and hardly get an answer!!In this article i will show you 5 tips to choose the best career for youWhen we think about choosing the best career for usWe may feel lost, unfocused, don't have a specific goal or a plan, we may even confuse with a multiple career options!!Choosing the best career is not about what your study field is or what is available in the job market or even what makes a lot of moneyChoosing a career is not just about making a living, you have to think about making a better life
Here are 5 Tips to Choose The Best Career for You

1- Discover More About Yourself

5 Tips To Choose The Best Career For You!!You may don't want to end up with a career you don't love,You can't make career decisions based on feelings, you have to know what is really fits with you"You" is a combination of a couple of things you should discover about yourself
  • Skills & Abilities: What you can do well, resulting from training practicing or a gift.
  • Personality: what is your personality type, characteristic & behaviors, MBTI Test may help you know your personality [مشاهدة الروابط متاحة فقط لأعضاء المنتدى .. ]
  • Interests: Activities that you love to do and makes you enjoy your time and graps your attention.

Choose a career that close to your interest, match with your personality and in need to your skills & abilities.
2- Don't be afraid to try

5 Tips To Choose The Best Career For You!!You have a multiple career options out there, don't miss the opportunity to learn more about each career option and dare to try it for a while.You can try any career through a volunteering opportunity or a summer training or even do it by yourself
3- Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

5 Tips To Choose The Best Career For You!!If you feel comfortable, not energized by your career or even not willing to improve,This is the perfect time to change it and find a better oneYour best career wouldn't make you satisfied with results until it's perfect for you, you may stay awake up for days just for thinking about it, you may even forget to eat or drink because of it.Feeling comfortable or not energized by your career is more than enough reason to change it and look for a better one
4- Choose The Best

The best career for you is the one that you love to do and you can do it effectively and make you financially satisfied,You will know it once you found it5 Tips To Choose The Best Career For You!!
5- Follow Your Heart

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow know what you truly want to become." Steve Jobs5 Tips To Choose The Best Career For You!!
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Find a Career that Could make you change the world in your way

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