Why Recruit through Human Resources?

The Human Resource department is a valuable tool that is sometimes not used to its maximum potential. Many businesses look at the human resource department as the place where all the paperwork for employees is processed, and all thing employee related are handled. Yet human resource tools go far beyond these simple elements. If used properly, human resource tools should include evaluation of methods of production as they apply to the skills and limits of employees. Inevitably this part of the human resource department will result in HR recruiting that will draw in the perfect employee for any open positions.

Once the evaluation of current methods is completed, the exact needs of the department for which an employee is sought will become glaringly obvious and make it much easier to recruit the perfect candidate. Tasks may be shifted to existing positions while the tasks for the open position are developed and measured for rate of pay and hours needed.

During HR recruiting, the purpose of the position should be made clear so that applicants with the skills to match the open position can be tested or evaluated in some way when the hiring procedure begins. When everything is laid out in detail, it makes it much easier to identify the proper candidate for the position, but it also helps the candidate understand the exact requirements of the job.

Once the details of the position are made clear and the HR recruiting begins, a recruitment plan can be developed that details the goals of the plan such as the length of time to advertise, which sources to use to recruit potential employees, and the exact positions that are to be filled. Diversity must also be considered to meet the growing needs of under-represented groups.

The next recruitment tools that should be used are committees. These committees are in place to ensure that all elements of the position are addressed with no personal bias playing a role. The candidate will have contact with each member of the committee. Various levels should be represented. A supervisor who understands the results that the candidate will have to be able to complete should be one member of the committee. Someone who has a firm grasp and experience with all the details of the open position should also be involved in the committee. The human resource department should make sure all members are well-versed in the applicable laws concerning the hiring process, as well as the details of the requirements for the position.

Once the committee and all the elements of the position are created, all applicants should be reviewed by the committee, and the ones who are put on the short list should be interviewed with a focus on questions that cannot be answered by the resume. Together, the committee should decide on the best applicant for the position and the details should be finalized by the human resource department. In short, it is easier to do all of the recruiting through the human resource department because they can best address all the elements of the process in a uniform manner.

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