Risk Assessment Training CourseThe program provides English language
Introduction It is a legal requirement that an employer must carry out risk assessments.A part from that, the only way to create a safe and healthy work environment is to carry out suitable, and effective risk assessments, which identify how to improve the workplace and reduce accidents and incidents. This Four (4) days training course is aimed at creating a simple step by step approach to task based risk assessment for managers, engineers, supervisors, technicians and competent people to use and record.Course Aim To enable participants to carry out and record effective risk assessment in their workplace. Course Objectives:To achieve the aim, you will by the end of the course be able to: State the legal requirements for risk assessment. List when risk assessments must be carried out. Identify what must be recorded in a risk assessment. Carry out basic and advanced risk assessment and task risk assessment using the preform approach. Act as a member of any risk assessment teams.Who to Attend Managers Engineers Supervisors/Technicians Safety Personnel Competent PeopleFinal Exam & Certificate An exam will be conducted on the last day of the course (Day Four). Successful participants will receive certificate from National Training Services – UK Degree from Cairo University Certificate of Leeds English AcademyA Local certificate will be issued from the ICTCwww.ictc.com.eg00201004415852
Risk Assessment Training Course