Personnel Operations adopted in prior periods on total core labor data elements, generally consists year of basic information on the work and include the name of career. paragraph summarized short on basic goals the employee should be achieved, phrases of the duties and responsibilities with the description of each duty and responsibility in a separate paragraph. While "job description" in the modern concept of Human Resources, the job description is the key in finding an institutional real sense, career description grew up a full and accurate description of the responsibilities , obligations of work and qualifications required for the performance and skills, as it is the basis for a sound system for the selection and appointment of individuals , and determine the exact current and projected human resource needs.
Different job descriptions from institution to the other, and one institution to another, but they all meet at the most important job description of all items, or most of them are: Job Title, job duties, qualifications required for the job, so it is essential that there is a functional characterization of the smallest employee even more leader employees, this helps to accurately understand the powers vested in each of them, and contribute to improving the quality of work. On the contrary, the absence of the job description adversely affect the performance of the institution or facility.
Job analysis considered the first step upon which all the other functions of human resource management in the organization process, and whenever this process completed in a scientific way is correct and accurate, that led to ease of a job evaluation process credibility depends on .