Materials Management Manager (Job Description)

Materials Manager is liable for planning, procurement, storage, control, and distribution of goods and synchronizing all work functions with the purchasing department and vendors, directs, coordinates and plans the storage and distribution of the products and materials of a company.

Is accountable for all the activities of the warehouse staff receiving, storing and testing the products and ensuring the quality of the goods.
Duties and Responsibilities

· Organizing and supervising the shipping and receiving of all materials.
· Developing , assessing transportation, and carting of materials
· Managing records of all stock and inventory.
· Making assessment reports of availability, and supply of material.
· Maintaining the standard and quality of goods and materials.
· Recruitment of materials staff and organizing of necessary training for them.
· Should have strong communication and negotiation skills.
· Ability to network and deal with vendors and suppliers.
· Strong leadership abilities.
· Analytical skills and the ability to skillfully plan and organize functions.
· Supervising and delegating work to subordinates and ability to evaluate their performance.
· Managing the layout and set up of the warehouse for the appropriate storage of goods and supplies.
· Implementing cost cutting rules in all aspects of storehouse transactions and related activities.
· Maintaining and overseeing the shift allocations and workings of all warehouse staff.
· Managing and checking all inventory records and making evaluation reports.
· Setting and allocating targets to warehouse staff and organizing staff training activities.
· Auditing daily labor and all billing statements.
· Coordinating and negotiating with transporters for dispatch of goods.
Education and Qualifications

· Bachelor’s degree in administration, material management, logistics, supply chain or any associated field of study.

Skills and Specifications

· Should have excellent managerial and organizational skills and abilities.
· Strong leadership and motivational skills with effective team building capabilities.
· Knowledge of the safety and legal procedures for handling and receiving goods.
· Ability to effectively manage time and resolve crises.