Recruitment – Placing the Right Person in Right Place at Right Time

Vacancy is known in two situations (generally):

  • An employee leaves the organization and there is a vacancy created
  • Due to Business Growth the position is created

The Company pursues an open hiring policy. As far as possible the Company will first consider existing employees who meet the requirements of the vacant position. External recruitment will be considered only when specific skills & experience required are not available in-house.

The Company will hire talented and competent people based on job fitment without regard to race, religion and sex.

All recruitment will be initiated by relevant functional manager and approved by functional head, before forwarding to the Human Resources Department. The recruitment process will commence only for approved manpower requirement as per the format annexed (Annexure – 1).

Recruitment approval by functional head will be in accordance with approved Annual Operating Plan (AOP). Any recruitment outside approved AOP will need approval by the CFO / HR Head / CEO.

The sources for recruitment will be decided by Human Resources Department. HR Dept. will prepare the job description based on the Manpower Requirement Form outlining the job profile. Need-base, the HR will require support from the Functional Head to prepare a detailed Job Description.

Selection – HR shall select candidates purely based on the job fitment based on talent, competency and job fitment.

Short listing & Interviews: Human Resource Department shall conduct screening of applications, preliminary interviews for cultural fitment, correspondence with applicants or consultants and reference checks. The assessment will be noted in the Interview Analysis Form by the HR and forward the same to the Functional Head for technical interview.

Technical Interview: The Human Resources Department shall co-ordinate technical interviews with the Functional Managers. The interviewing panel members would record the interview assessment.

Reference check: Based on the input and approval from Functional Head and prior to the issue of the Offer Letter, Human Resource Department will ensure completion of reference check as per the Annexure - 2.

Job Offer & Compensation: The Human Resources Department will approve the salary & fitment keeping in mind internal equity and compensation philosophy of the Company. The Functional Manager should ensure that no commitments are made outside the existing Compensation & Benefit structure of the Company. Before finalizing the salary, Human Resources Dept. must see current salary slip and pay structure break-up evidence.

Issuance of Appointment Letter: An appointment letter will be issued to the selected candidate at the date of joining. The terms and conditions of appointment with the Company would be explained by Human resource Department who would also resolve any doubts the candidate may have.

Depending upon the criticality of the position and the urgency of the request, the Company may compensate salary for the notice period of the selected candidate. The decision in this regard rests with the Functional Head in consultation with Human Resources Department & the CEO.

The Recruitment Flow Chart Process:

The recruitment process begins when you know you need someone new in the Department, either because an existing staff member has left, or because there is new work to be done. It doesn't finish until after the appointment has been made.

The main stages are identified in the below flow chart –
Identify Vacancy
Prepare Job Description and person Specification
Advertise / Consultants / Referrals
Managing the Response
Arrange Interviews
Conduct The Interview
Decision Making
Convey The Decision
Appointment Action


# Preparation of recruitment /selection document for the position

# Advertising

  • Preparing advertisement / approaching consultants / referrals
  • Media selection
  • Positioning

# Response handling

  • Initial interview online or telephone
  • Short-listing for interviews
  • Interview arrangement
  • Sending emails or calling short listed candidates
  • Interview details to the short listed candidates

# During Interview

  • HR interview
  • Technical interview
  • Conducting tests [Aptitude / Mathematical / Analytical etc.]
  • Initial final list of candidates.
  • Reference check (if required)


# Email Regret letter to unsuccessful candidates
# Technical Manager approval for a start up date.
# Email or Telephone call to successful candidates
# HRM prepares a letter of appointment

Recruitment Cycle Time:

To bring in more effectiveness in the recruitment process, HR would follow a specific project deadline of 38 days (from the day it had received the approved Manpower Requisition) to hire a new employee.
Phase Activities Time frame
Role Identification, Job Description, CV Sourcing & Initial HR short-listing 15 days
Organizing the Written Tests 5 days
Organizing the First Technical Interviews 5 days
Organizing the Final Interviews 4 days
Sessions to take the final decisions 3 days
Preparing the Salary Proposal, Negotiate with the selected candidates & offer closure 6 days
The process specific schedule break-up is mentioned below: