1. Beginning of the Shift
1.1 Reporting half an hour before the scheduled time.
2. Taking over the shift
2.1 Go through the activity logbook.
2.2 Take over from out going Shift supervisor.
2.3 Relieve the out going shift team.
3. Distribution of work
3.1 Ensure all the Housemen & maids are present
3.2 Check the grooming of the staff
3.3 Brief the team regarding the work according to the schedule
3.4 Allocate the work according to the schedule
3.5 Ask from the Executive for any specific job to be done

4. Upkeep the premises under in charge
4.1 Carry out regular monitoring of the areas & attendants ensure all checklists are followed and updated properly
4.2 Washroom checklist, cafeteria, grooming, F&B
4.3 Observation list

5. Handing over the shift
5.1 Carry out the de-briefing of staff
5.2 Write all the details in the Activity logbook
5.3 Give briefing to the in coming shift supervisor
5.4 Update Executive / client about the developments
5.5 Relieve your shift team

6. Ensure all the registers are being maintained properly
6.1 Activity log register
6.2 Attendance register
6.3 Materials inventory register
6.4 Complaint register

1. Beginning the shift
1.1 Reporting 15 minutes before scheduled time

2. Taking over the shift
2.1 Listen carefully when Executive / supervisors are taking the briefing
2.2 Understand the jobs to be done from shift supervisor

3. To execute ACTIVITIES
3.1 All the housekeeping boys must know about the following ACTIVITIES as standard operating procedures work schedule, restroom, cafeteria, chemicals, minor equipment’s, grooming, briefing and checklist.
3.2. Keep posting the supervisor about the developments
3.3. Take immediate action on the complaints received from supervisor or
3.4. After completing any of the ACTIITY has a general inspection of that particular area for proactive maintenance.

4. Handing over the shift
4.1 Attend for de-briefing
4.2 Informing the supervisor about all the ACTIVITIES performed
4.3 Inform the supervisor about the status of the complaints
4.4 If any specific work carried out, inform the supervisor
4.5 Cleanliness of all the cleaning equipment’s
4.6 Take instructions for the next day