Roles and Responsibilities
Housekeeping Executive

Mobile No:

The Facility Executive would be available in the general shift (8:30am onwards)
The Executive shall be responsible for Service Delivery, Quality Control- adopting Quantitative Tools, Performance Measurement, Client Relationship, Smooth execution of Services, and MIS Generation.

Following are the overall duties and responsibilities of the Facility Executive deployed at site:

· He/ She will be Overall Housekeeping in-charge of the Mall premises.
· Shall take rounds with FMR and record the observations and action upon and update the status to FMR.
· Daily round with Supervisor for the building inspection at ____am.
· Should be always in formal wears while on duty.
· Report to client co-coordinator in the event of any major/minor breakdown which would adversely impact Mall business operations and follow up until the problem is rectified.
· Any snag report shall be handwritten by site in charge and forwarded to the respective person with a copy to FMR.
· Report on Attendance, log book, stock registers, deployment chart & Updates n the previous day night shift to FMR(Facilities Management Representative)
· Shall have complete knowledge about the site, written documentation of systems and procedures for carrying out the cleaning activities
· Shall take induction for new staff and brief on site details and who-is-who.
· Shall ensure that the H/K activities are carried out in accordance with the set process and procedures.
· Shall interact with the Dusters’ Management for fulfilling statutory requirements and keep the documents for verification anytime.
· Shall be complete in charge of stores and update the daily stocks in the registers legitimately.
· Co-ordinate with the suppliers for service obligations as per the contract including breakdown maintenance of the HK equipments
· Reviews of the system (along with all the services vendors) on a monthly basis to add value on service level
· Review of HK services on a monthly basis
· Weekly review of various issues & improvement of the services with FMR co-coordinator.
· Ensure all safety guidelines/requirements are met by team members/vendors.
· Analyze/Recommend solutions on complaint analysis and plan preventive actions for recurring complaints.
· Review all check lists on a daily basis to ensure smooth operations.
· Periodically check/amend checklists, operation steps, and material consumption analysis.
· Shall train the housekeeping staff regarding adherence to personal & site hygiene standards.
· Shall update FMR on changed telephone nos of the supervisors and Dusters’ Management.
· Shall develop customized deployment schedules – define the responsibilities and the areas of operations of each and every. .
· Will delegate responsibilities to & monitor the supervisors.
· Shall present the consolidated attendance to the Dusters’ office by ____ of every month for billing purpose.
· Shall co-ordinate with FMR for purchase of environmental materials, consumables & equipment and maintain optimum stocks of the same. All indents would reach The Dusters office by the _____of the month
· Will arrange periodic environmental training programs for all the staff on a monthly basis which will be planned and scheduled a month in advance and regular training programmers are conducted as per schedule.
· Shall conduct internal inspections which will be recorded and will have improved the overall services.
· Ensure that all the soft services are carried out as per schedule.
· Shall update FMR on all activities of the day shifts (template provided) before leaving for the day.
· Shall check the complaint register daily thrice (10:00am, 12:00pm & 4:00pm) and close the same. If the complaint is recurring then a suitable solution to be suggested to FMR to over the same. All such closed issues shall be updated to FMR by end of the day.
· Ensure that the response time is maintained for all requests/complaints as per the accepted
· Shall monitor the briefing and de-briefing sessions daily and at least twice in a week to the night shift boys.
· Shall ensure any changes in the process communicated are strictly followed down the line.
· Shall update FMR on in/exit of all H/K boys on daily basis and handover the ID badges of the exited boys.
· Be proactive by having close co-ordination with FMR.


· Shall not wear jeans while on duty.
· Shall not interact with Mall employees directly.
· Shall not interact with any vendor directly for placing orders.
· Shall not take own discussions other than pertaining to day-to-day operations.