Job Description Form

Job Title : Senior Engineer
Reports To : Asst. project Manager
Job Summary

Under general direction of a Project Manager, perform and oversee professional field and engineering work related to the planning, design, construction and maintenance of company projects and programs in the areas of development

Duties & Responsibilities

1- Inspects construction site to monitor progress and ensure conformance to engineering plans, specifications, construction and safety standards.

2- Assist in the implementation the projects business plans according to the time, Quality and budget constrains.

3- Evaluate project service delivery and cost effectiveness ensuring that procedures are being followed.

4- Supervises professional, technical and support staff on a day-to-day or project basis, including determining workloads and schedules, developing, implementing and interpreting policies and procedures.

5- Maintains liaison with other regulatory and pubic and private entities.

6- Assist in Determining project requirements, quotations and assign staff for new projects.

7- Monitor and review plans, specifications and calculations according to the project schedule and financial plan and give technical advice on corrective actions

8- Prepare engineering documents, including agreements, maps, legal descriptions, resolutions and ordinances.

9- Track milestones and timelines across projects ensuring that the time frame is met.

10- Responsible for controlling the financial performance of projects and develop the quotation sheet for the different projects.

11- Assigns work, evaluate and train Subordinates

12- Other duties as assigned

Engineering Bachelor’s Degree

Skills & Knowledge

1- Good Knowledge Of Business and Budget Planning
2- Knowledgeable about Principles and practices of management and supervision
3- Good Knowledge Of Governmental Regulations concerning the industry
4- Fluent In Arabic And English
5- Ability To Operate MS Office

1- Professional Experience: 3 years experience

2- Leadership Experience: Appropriate High

3- Intercultural Experience : Experience in Cross cultural Cooperation

4- Project Management Experience: Essentially Required
Communication Capabilities

1- Communication Skills
2- Result Oriented
3- Customer Focus
4- Excellent attention to details
5- Leadership Skills
6- Problem Solving & Decision Making
7- Aptitude to figures

Working Conditions & Environment

Normal working conditions for an office environment

Moderate physical effort required involving regular outside visits to the sites.

Equipments / Tools Utilized

Computer, Phone, Vehicle

Preferred Gender

Other Special Skills and Abilities Required

1- Project Management Study is Required

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