The Strategic Role of HCM

* To Understand the Difference between HRM and HCM
* To Understand the Importance of Strategic HCM and Its Challenges with Top Management
* To Understand the Role of HCM in Successful Organizations: Change, Competition, Value and CRM
* To Adopt Competency-Based HCM for Better Hiring, Retention, Performance Evaluation and Succession Planning
* To Adopt Motivation and Reward Programs to Increase Productivity and Efficiency
* To Understand the Importance of TNA and Training in the Development of Human Capital

Day One:

* What is Management?
* Management Skills by Level
* What is Strategy?
* Hierarch of Strategy
* Strategic Management Model
* Human Resources Management (HRM)—Stages of Development
* Competencies Defined
* Concept of Human Capital Management (HCM)
* Significance of the Human Capital Theory
* HRM vs. HCM
* Strategic HCM

Day Two:

* Line Manager’s HCM Responsibilities
* Personnel Aspects of a Manager’s Job
* HCM Roles
* HCM Functions
o Manpower Planning/Staffing (Recruitment, Selection, Hiring, Retention & Exit Interviews)
o Compensation & Benefits (Remuneration Package: Direct and Indirect—Salaries, Allowances, Benefits, Incentive Programs)

Day Three:

* Personnel
* Payroll
* Business Process Management (Internal Communications, Workflow & Reports)
* HCM Policies & Procedures
* Performance Appraisal Management

Day Four:

* Career Planning & Development
* Succession Planning
* Training & Development
* Ergonomics (Working Conditions/Work Place Design/Safety & Security)
* Motivation Defined
* Practical Application of Motivational Theories

Day Five:

* Stress and its Impact on Human Capital
* Reducing Organizational Stress
* Successful Organizations
o Change Management
o Conflict Resolution
o Effective Negotiators
o Successful Meetings
o 10 Power Tools
o How to Build Effective Habits

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