Construction Contracts FIDIC

Due to global changes, the consequent demand of management development in the construction industry rapidly enlarges. The Construction industry in Egypt consequently is in crucial need to cope with the global trends, changes and fierce competition.

Due to open Market strategy of the GAT, new types of Partnerships and alliances in every business field have evolved. Especially in construction which as a consequence of the crucial need for mastering various kinds of international contracts, and contract Administration skills eventually surfaced

The objective of this module is to implement the essential contract administration skills in order to submit the required technical support for the project

Upon the completion of this course, candidates will be able to:

* Be aware of the legal Background of the contract as well as the Contract Administration skills needed.
* Be aware of the Legal responsibilities and liabilities according to the Contract
* Develop the basic skills needed for the project contract Administration
* Know the difference between contract types, to select a contract form
* Recognize Claim mistake before they occur
* Create Proper record
* Prove claims
* Categorize the claim
* Suggest claim format
* Negotiate the claim
* How to analyze claims
* Identify factors involved in the contract suspension
* Understand the basics of contract Termination and follow termination process
* Know how to analysis loss contracts
* Get through the completion stage of contract performance
* Know Types of alliances
* Identify Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR ) and Arbitration

* Know Types of alliances
o Grass Roots
o Joint Venture
o Sourcing
o Financial alliance
o Marketing alliance
o Technology alliance
o Borrow
* Introduction to FIDIC Conditions of contract
o What is FIDIC?
o Characteristics of FIDIC Conditions of Contract
o Application Prospect of FIDIC Conditions of Contract
o New development of FIDIC Conditions of contract
* Contracts types
o Classification According To Contract Price
o Classification According To Nature of Works
o Classification According To Scope of Works
o Classification by Method of Evaluating Contract Price
o Other Types of Contracts
* FIDIC Form of Tender
* FIDIC form of Agreement
* Contracts Conditions and Documentations
o Allocation of risks and how disputes
o What does a contract Consists of
o General conditions
o Specific Conditions
o The contract documents
* FIDIC Rights and obligation of the contractor
* FIDIC Rights and obligation of the contractor
* Identify Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR ) and Arbitration
o Amicable settlement- ADR-
+ Negotiation
+ Mediation
+ Conciliation
+ Mini Trial :Senior Directors Or Executive Appraisal
o Arbitration and its Advantages
o Sub-Clause 67.1 — Engineer’s Decision
o Sub-Clause 67.2 - Amicable Settlement
o Sub--Clause 67.3 - Arbitration
o Sub-Clause 67.4 - Failure to Comply with the Engineer’s Decision

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