Columbia Business Channel:
1# Columbia Community Business Program (CCBP)


This video taking about CCBP which kind of improvement of skills in business.

The kinds of projects they working with it are:

-Cost controllers is the number one, it is task to how you spend your money in this environment and what could you do related to this cost.

-What are the ways to keep the your client , and understanding who and what is the client getting from you .

-How to use the Internet business, to get benefit and develop web pages in business branch.

In fact, they did this program to help the client and his family and also the community itself. However, tha activity not only inside the class, it extend also to out said the classes.

2#Columbia Business School Executive MBA: Return on Ideas:


This video taking about Executive MBA: Return on Ideas, which is how can you developed your skills inside the class room, describe how can you build your skills in navigations , and talking about how can you mange people. Also this program helps you to get better understanding of the world of business.

3# An Innovative Partnership: Columbia Business School and Deutsche Bank:


This video taking about How can the schools of business affect on the environment around it, this video describe one of examples of this situation.

In Addition, this schools located in India by assist from Columbia Schools and Deutsche Bank, to help the environment there , actually, the goals of this schools are to educate the people there to come up the benefit for their community by using business planning and projects. For example, building hospitals and factories to provide a clean water for people there.

King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals | Principles of Management MGT301 | Dr. Samer Hammad |Ahmed Zakri