The management and its responsibilities:

There is no doubt that the management is considered an important factor in any institution in order to run properly and accordingly the activities and process to achieve the goal , whether this institution was a business, factory, company office or even a house.
The act of management could be any act, practice or manner of handling, controlling, planning, guiding, auditing, supervising, forecasting, organizing, hiring, training, and any other act of executing.
Also, the management is the people who administer a company, create policies, and provide the support necessary to implement the owners' business objectives.
All these acts are considered responsibilities or management jobs among all of the management levels and departments, where management’s levels and departments could be extended and set up based on the need of the institution itself.
Therefore we can see:

a. Management as the board of directors such as: CEO or CFO* or other titles of owners
(* CEO is chief executive officer, and CFO is Chief financial officer)
b. Management as financial management which is considered a very important management that analyzes and provide financial advises and plans to the company.
c. Management as Human Resources manager (hiring manager) who is responsible to hire the right experienced people to the vacancy needed. Also he is responsible for training and improving professionalism.
d. Management as the head of other departments such as:
- Production manager who is responsible on the production (inputs/outputs), costs, profits…etc.
- Marketing manager, customers service manager, Technical support manager and so on.

Hence as I have mentioned, those levels or titles are set based on the need, volume (size), and type of the company. Not all companies have the same departments or levels of management; Sometimes we can find one person is in charge who is the manager and the rest are employees, where this person is supervising, controlling, hiring and planning. And there are a lot of companies where there is rank of management levels, and the management’s duties or responsibilities are divided on these levels and assigned to those managers.

However, and whatever was the manager position and responsibility, any person who is assigned as a manager, he/she should be qualified as:

a. A fair person, where he treats all employees (or whoever under his authority) without any discrimination or preference.
b. A loyal person to his company and duty/responsibility. No bribes, and business is business; No political interference involved to avoid “external pressure”, so he/she can take the right decision in accordance with the company policy
c. A professional person for his title, as he/she should know the best decision to make, and the appropriate action to take. In other words “Right person in the right place”.

Hence and after mentioning the manager qualifications which are the minimum requirements to have a “professional manager” who is able to follow the company’s policies and standards, and work for the company’s benefit, so can employees follow him/her, and by performing so transparency will exist, and work goes smoothly and fairly.

Failing to do so, it starts the first step of corruption!