We had a question from one of our members which is he faces a problem in his company. Lot of his company's employees stay back late, beyond office hours to complete their work. While staying back occasionally is understandable, staying back late everyday has become an issue- performance decreases, stress levels, etc are high. The worst that has happened is that employees here have a misconception that if they leave on time, they would be considered as under-performers.

As a helpful solution here:

You can conduct the survey of the employees' attendance. Find out the following:

a) Total No of hours spent by all - as per office hours policy against actual hours spent by each employee

b) Average hours per employee per day

c) Which department has above average figure. Which department has below average figure.

d) Consumption of excess resources like electricity, water etc because of employees' late stay.

Show the above data to your MD or CEO. Obtain inputs from him/her and find out what he/she says.

If MD/CEO gives accent that people should quit in time, give target to each HOD to reduce their excess working hours by at least 10%. See the result. Let MD/CEO talk to the managers on unnecessary late sitting. Later, give the managers target to reduce the excess hours by at least 10%.

About grapevine I have given my reply in my previous post. Your organisation is victim of Parkinson's Law. Your managers can change this situation.[/LTR]