lAbdull Rahman Taishouri – Curriculum Vita
Supervisor, Trainer, Author, Researcher
Personal Details
Name: Abdull Rahman Taishoori, Address: Tartous – Syria, e-mail: (تم حذف الإيميل لأن عرضه مخالف لشروط المنتدى), Cell Phone: +(يمنع عرض أرقام الهواتف بدون أذن الإدارة)4 / Fixed Line: +(يمنع عرض أرقام الهواتف بدون أذن الإدارة) / +(يمنع عرض أرقام الهواتف بدون أذن الإدارة).
Date and Place of Birth: Tartous, 27/09/1965.
Nationality: Syrian.
Civil Status: Married to Mrs. Fahida Mustafa.
Visa Status: national passport valid till 2016.

- December, 2007: MPA - Masters of Public Administration, INA-NIPA Damascus.
- December, 2004: Preparatory Diploma of Finance, Law, and Business Administration.
- December, 2003: Masters degree of International Economic Relations, Tishreen
University, Latakia-Syria.
- December, 2002: Diploma of Educational Training, Tishreen University, Faculty
of Education, Latakia-Syria.
- December. 1987: A Licence of Political Science, International Relations, University
of Damascus, Syria.

Work Experience
- Worked as a teacher since 1989, then as a teacher in Commercial Secondary School, then as a teacher in the Industrial Institute.
- Head of Private Education Department 2000-2003.
- Moved to the Department of Tele-communications in 2008.
- Currently, a supervisor in the call-centre.

Computer and Language Skills
- Native Language: Arabic – Fluent.
- Foreign Languages : English – Intermediate / French – Intermediate.

Activities / Interests
- Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Net Browsing, and Listening to classical music.
- Organisations: - A supervisor in the Arab Forum of Human Resources.
- Honorary member in the –Success Skills Forum of Human Resources.

- Dr. Sam Dalla: Dean of HIBA (High Institute of Business Administration), Damascus. Cell-Phone: +(يمنع عرض أرقام الهواتف بدون أذن الإدارة)5.
- Ali Karamaieah: Head of the Educational Training Centre, Tartous. Fixed-Line: +(يمنع عرض أرقام الهواتف بدون أذن الإدارة).
- Eng. Ali Hassan Muhammad: Manager of the tele-communications Department, Tartous. Fixed-line: +(يمنع عرض أرقام الهواتف بدون أذن الإدارة).

Additional Information
- Military Service: Did the compulsory service in the Syrian army.
- Publications: More than one thousand Articles, researches, and studies published in the Syrian and Arab Newspapers (printed and cyber).
- Courses:
- A course in Administrative Editing.
- A course in Human Communication, Pull Training Centre, Paris, France – 2010.
- A course in costumer care, Pull Training Centre, Paris, France – 2010.
- A course in the National Institute for Training, Amman, Jordan – 2007.
- A course in TOT (Training of Trainers) – 2009
- Achievements:
- A member in the re-engineering team of STE (Syrian Tele-Communication
- Made a complete system for evaluating departments, organizations
and managers.

End of CV