[LTR] Corporate Sustainability is defined as the business approach in which a green strategy is created. However, it doesn't only consider the environmental factor; it also includes the social, economic and cultural elements.

One of its most important principles is resource efficiency. This implies using research and new technologies to reduce their environmental footprint.

What are the benefits that companies get from this, in addition to contributing to create a more eco-friendly international community?

Recycling and reducing can lead to lower costs - and thus, companies are able to offer more competitive prices and increase their profits. This can be achieved, for example, through remanufacturing.

In addition, they are attracting other consumers to their brands. People are more interested in eco-friendly products and services than ever before, so companies have a unique opportunity to differentiate from competitors. The goal is to be appealing to a generation of consumers that is well-informed, cares about the environment, is constantly interacting with NGO's and environmental activists through social network websites and social media and, in many cases, is willing to spend some more to buy a product or service that is eco-friendly.

More and more companies are hiring environmental professionals to help design strategies to go eco-friendly and to implement those at a later stage.

Even though, to this day, many big companies still don't have present plans to hire professionals to help them design or manage an environmental plan, there are countless opportunities for environmental professionals and the trend is going to continue; in the years to come, thousands opportunities will be created, even in smaller companies and organizations.

If you are a job seeker, environmental jobs (including sustainability jobs) offer great opportunities, and it is very likely that you will find positions that you are attracted to and that you can apply to and be a great candidate, considering your level of experience and area of expertise.