[LTR] We are discussing when employee situations and business partnerships are not going well. In many business situations sometimes we get ideas that we are going to do things as a team or work on it together with someone else. But, very rarely do partnerships truly work. We will go over a few ideas that will help you be aware and prepared to make business partnerships and relationships work for you.

Communication and Expectation

Communication of expectations between all partners involved is essential to a positive business relationship. If you don't communicate your vision, outline your plan and reassess your vision the other person involved will not know what is expected of them. This invariably causes friction and misunderstandings and leads to problems.


Clear expectations and outlines should be discussed and outlined. People are very different in the way they learn and process information. You are a very intelligent person so you understand that there may be situations where you have not outlined the expectations. You may have a dream or goal and are going after it. Some people in your life may not be aware of this. If you are not clear about your vision, your goals, your expectations and the results that you would like, your partners, employers or employees really have no way of knowing what is expected of them.


When people are not on the same page things just have a way of stopping in their tracks. It's a results driven world and sometimes if things are not moving forward we may try to bring in a partner that is going to bring something that you are lacking to the table. Sometimes with partnerships you may have to be open to the probability of letting that partnership go if it's not giving you results. Fear may be preventing you from doing it on your own. Being clear about your needs and goals is the first step to success in any relationship especially in business.

Relationships are tough and business makes them even tougher. You need to be open and honest with yourself as others. Do you really need a partner? Can you hire it out?
Those are questions you need to ask before you get into a partnerships.

Follow these tips and it should help your business relationships blossom.