[LTR] We are discussing a few tips to help you deal with negative partners or negative employee situations. If you are in business you may have gotten into some of these situations. Follow these tips and it will help you not make the same mistake twice.

Be Selective and Trust Your Intuition

If you are an employee and the relationship is not working you know intuitively that the situation is not working for you. You need to act, assess the situation that you are in, evaluate where you are and act accordingly. Sometimes you may have to find a new position or a creative solution to roadblocks that you may be experiencing. If you are in a business relationship with a partner be very cautious of whom you're partnering with. Take your time making the selection. Trust your intuition when choosing a partner. You have to build things on a results basis. You have to be very selective about the people that you are negotiating a partnership.

You can always enter into a partnership based on performance and not output. You can also try to find investors instead of partnerships. When you bring people in as partners it may dilute the creative ability. Be aware of this when you are planning and negotiating.

Sometimes Moving On Is The Only Choice

If you are an employer and have an employee situation that is not working well you have to make the situation change within the framework of HR. If you are the employee in a situation that is not working for you, then you have to be smart about it and understand your nut balance and question why you're in the job, why you took it and what you can do to improve your situation. If you're not getting results you have to make a change. Sometimes the best thing is that someone loses his or her job. They are forced to find a new way. Many people take this opportunity to re-invent themselves.

Get yourself in a place to find the relationships that you need. Get out of the lack mindset. Trust your intuition. Outline step by step what your expectations are. The most important thing is to be clear; to communicate and to discuss the issues until everyone involved knows the plan and the expectations.

Think about your partnerships, your relationships with your employees. Communication should be the first priority because when you look at the whole picture you need to have enjoyment in your life and career. You have to have fun. Be the leader of the pack. Make the changes that are necessary to live your best life and always move forward.