[LTR] It is vital that you hire the right kind of persons for your firm. After all it is the people who are the face of your company. The HR manager is primarily responsible for hiring the employees. Let's look at a few of the important questions which should be asked during the all important interview.

The first and foremost question to be asked is to tell the candidate to give a brief self introduction. You will be able to gauge his communication skills, his background and interests through this.

Secondly, ask him why he is suitable for the available posts. Here you will know what qualities, qualifications and experience relevant to the job which he possesses.

An important question is why he is leaving his previous company. This way you will be able to know his motivation, attitude and chances of staying for a reasonable time in your company.

A potential employee may have the best of qualification and relevant work experience. However, if he has the wrong kind of attitude he is unsuitable for the job. So do ask questions which test his attitude.

A favorite question is how you see yourself in a random period of time. The period could be five, ten or even twenty years. You will learn about his goals, ambitions and priorities through this.

Ask him what he knows about your company. This will help you to understand whether he is really interested and enthusiastic about joining your company. You will come to know whether he is available only for potential monetary or status reasons.

A relevant question is asking the potential employee to list his strengths and weaknesses. This tests the self-awareness of the candidate and his suitability for the job. Finally, ask him what he wants to know about your firm and the post offered.
Interview taking is an art and science as well. It is the process that cleans out the diamonds from the stones. Hiring the right kind of people is essential for success in the corporate world.