[LTR] Discipline is one word that instills fear in the minds of individuals. The very word sounds autocratic when uttered by your boss and creates a feeling that you are being forcibly controlled. If you do not live up to the expectations of the management, definitely you are going to get listed for disciplinary action.

  • Why is that discipline always gets enforced to gain obedience?
  • Why people get intimidated when subjected to disciplinary action?
  • Why streamlining your behavior becomes so difficult some times?

Have your ever given a thought?We always try to put the blame on management for being a father figure. We have to see things from a broader perspective. When you work for somebody, it this their prerogative to form some rules and standardize some norms which they think is suitable for the mode of operations. Policies and procedures are formulated for the effective functioning of their organization. It is your responsibility to make them satisfied with your conduct to gain trust and confidence. Organisations are real time schools where you can learn a lot about proper social behavior and develop high standards of discipline.

Learning is a wonderful thing and it is an on going process and individuals must use the opportunity when they work for big corporate to fit themselves well in the human network and to command esteem. The objective of discipline is "orderly behavior".

  • How many of you maintain a cordial relationship with your peers in the organization?
  • Are you sure they are not talking behind your back for some unpleasant quality of yours?
  • Are you alienating yourself from the rest of the group?

Ask yourself questions like these to analyse your stand on the job you are performing and the kind of interpersonal relationship that is exhibited by you towards your group and vice versa. Things which we have to consider that might be the causes for indiscipline and misconduct stems from psychological, social and personality oriented factors.

Absenteeism is one thing that no superior can withstand as it directly affects the productivity and vitality of the company. The reasons if presented are weird, he becomes more agitated. Dishonesty is not a thing to be tolerated by the management. Insubordination also causes clashes between the executives and the employees as their "egos are battered. "

Considering from the employees point of view, the carrot and stick policy of the management alone do not make them committed to the firm but by job factors like meaningful and challenging job, human dignity, sense of participation, prestige etc. Immediate rewards and recognitions are more appealing than deferred benefits like pension or gratuity. The emotional aspects of the employees must not be handled in a conservative but in a flexible manner by the management. This will create a feeling of trust and openness between the two.

See, when hard and fast rules are applied in a rigid pattern, employees get frustrated. There is no room for any humanism or democracy which makes them cringe inside the shell and when things go overboard they might even turn against the interests of the company. This leads to disciplinary actions which proves hectic to both the parties. The management on its part has to definitely shed its bureaucratic attitude and adopt to more participative style of leadership.

Personnel department has to play their administrative role in acting as a link factor between the employees and their superiors. Although managers exercise the authority of punishment, it is the HR department's duty to develop proper procedures of administration of discipline and assist the management in conducting enquiries and solicit the cooperation of union or the worker in disciplinary proceedings.

Don't follow the policy of "Show me the man and I will tell you the rules", as it doesn't accommodate fairness and equity in your treatment. Ensure that no one is above the law and employees must take up discipline as a "way of life" as it helps them to groom their personality.