What if shifts could be allocated automatically to employees each week? This could potentially save shift managers hours of time each week. Thankfully personnel scheduling software can handle this task automatically.

Each week the shift manager can enter the shifts available. Employees can also enter the times they are available during the week. The software can then generate a successful shift schedule that suits every employee. The algorithm can take into consideration complex scheduling rules such as minimum and maximum working hours. Since the system is computerised human error is also eliminated.

Additionally since the system is web based it can be accessed from any internet connected computer. Therefore employees can access the system from home - they no longer need to contact their workplace to find out their next shift. Most web based systems will also allow employee to transfer shifts to another employee (usually with the shift managers permission) if they unexpectedly cannot work a shift.

Furthermore some software allows employees to request what shifts they would like when the next schedule is generated. If employees are involved in the creation of the shift schedule they will be much happier with the end result. If multiple employees request the same shift, a ranking system takes place with the highest ranking employee getting the shift.

Personnel scheduling software also usually has a feature to manage the time off taken by employees. When they are added to the system they can be allocated a certain number of days of per year or month. Using the system they can then make a request for a day off which the shift manager can approve or deny. If the request is approved they are automatically removed from the schedule for that day.