[LTR] When we were studying the course of human resource management at the university, we were taught that quality and motivated human resource is vita for achieving your organizational goals. If you have motivated individuals, they will form motivated teams and ultimately those teams will bring you the desired results and outcomes. This concept is discussed thoroughly when you study the books related to HR or performance management and its theories.

During the course of study, we were given a research project which was to be presented it in the class. The topic basically was the case study of a Pakistani bank and we were supposed to find out the causes of dismal performance of the bank during the financial crisis; a couple of years back. When the research was completed and findings were reached upon; we observed that the single most important factor which led the banks to the path of failure was DEMOTIVATION of the staff members, they were not committed to achieve organizational goals and reasons were multiple.

Now, the same bank, is in top 5 Pakistani banks because of its realization of the error in its system of performance management.The discussion can be as lengthy as possible but that is not the goal. The only thing, I am trying to stress upon and highlight is the importance of MOTIVATION in your life; personal as well as professional. Motivation is considered to be the driver of success. Your consistence and burning desire to achieve your goals is the first step towards your success. Napoleon Hill discussed the same subject in his famous book Think and Grow Rich.

The reason is very obvious. Anyone cannot achieve his/her objectives if he/she is not willing to achieve it. The 21st century; along with its technological advancement and progress has given us lots of factors which can demotivate us. The increasing competition, misuse of technology, race to achieve and keep up status and above all professional jealousies are the leading factors which throw us out of the path of success. But WHAT TO DO NOW? Should we leave ourselves to the environment and let it decide to do, whatever it wants to do with us or not?

There are 2 options available for us. The first one is quite easy and that is to sit down, thinking and praying for some angel to come for the help. This is the way of cowards and lazy people, who think that they are not capable of winning the game and hence they degrade themselves to the level which cannot be raised by anyone except them. The other path is and has always been the path of brave, committed, dedicated and successful people. The take problems as an opportunity to discover their talent and ways to achieve their goals in a more comprehensive way.

Remember, it is your mind which guides you to the ways but your will power decides the directions of your mind. If you face setbacks in life; that should not be the problem with you. Every successful person has to face them. The most important lesson that we get from the human history is that you cannot achieve your goals without sacrifice. You have to bear hardship, face the people and environment but let them not degrade or demotivate you. You can achieve your goals, You can be successful, You can be millionaire, You can be the champion, You can be the employee of the year, You can be whatever you want to be.

The only thing you will need is motivation and a consistence and focused work on yourself. Keep on motivating yourself. Read motivational stories, books and listen to motivational music. Align your goals with your life or align your life with your goals, It is your desire, faith, motivation and above all your continuous effort which leads you to success.