Name: Gloria Peck
Congregation: Spirit of Hope Methodist Church, Golden Valley

My Self-Interest

Growing up in the suburbs I know how disconnected and isolated life can be. What I see as the solution is increased community. Having suburban people meet struggling workers not only can help the workers but also help the suburban people and draw them both into true relationships. In this internship I want to help those voiceless in society and allow others be transformed by helping them. Building an organization that and group of people in the suburbs that reaches out in effective ways to help those in their midst is what I have been working on all summer. I really care about the security guards and hope that when I am gone people in the suburbs can take ownership of this and truly lead the effort. I am looking for solid people who can not just show up at a rally but really start to enter into commitments and conversations with each other about living a more just life.

His/Her Self-Interest

I think that you also share in that desire to help others find a true, life-giving way to live out their faith by working to transform the world. I know you have been touched by your personal experience at the county and being in the union and want others to be liberated from seeing only themselves. You have stepped into a new position that has never existed at the church. I hear from our conversation that you are still working at finding a way to reach your congregation and deeper their involvement in issues. By being a part of this campaign you can connect with other like-minded clergy and together build a way to best organize suburban congregations. This will be a concrete issue that can help folks become deeply involved in issues and build up your organization at Spirit of Hope.