Project Charter Instructions

1. Download the latest version of the Charter documents from the <document source>
a. Bring up the <document source> in your browser
b. Click on the Templates Index link
c. In the index document, click on Project Charter Files download link. This will open a zip file for download.
d. Save zip file to a local folder (Name folder with your project name)
e. Unzip files (Project Charter, Budget Worksheet, Instructions) into the local folder
1. Create your new Project Charter.
a. Open the Project Charter template
b. Save to a new filename using the following format: Project Charter_Project Name.doc.
c. Fill in all required information
d. For the Project Budget:
i. Use the latest version of the Project Charter Budget template from the <document source> (included in the zip file)
ii. Save the budget spreadsheet in the same directory as your Project Charter using the format Budget_Project Name.doc
iii. When you change the name of your budget spreadsheet be certain to also edit the Project Charter Budget Form hyperlink in the Charter document.
1. When you are finished, you should have:
a. A folder named after your project
b. A completed Charter document
c. A completed Budget document
d. A hyperlink in the Charter that opens up the budget