Job Description

1. Surveys the foreign and local markets for various materials / equipment/services to identify and recommend the most appropriate suppliers to achieve maximum cost reduction and contribute to the profitability of the company.
2. Negotiates with approved suppliers for various materials / equipment/services to achieve optimal value for the company in terms of cost, delivery and quality.
3. Monitors and controls contractual agreements with suppliers in terms of quality and delivery time to avoid undue delays in the implementation of contracts.
4. Identifies, manages, and/or mitigates supplied material program risks.
5. Develops and maintains an up-to-date list of approved international and national suppliers as well as price-lists on the data base which serves as a data bank for prompt retrieval of supplier-related information.
6. Conducts the process of new suppliers' qualification on a cross-functional basis.

B.Sc. in Engineering. Study in Supply Chain is another. (3-5) years experience in the purchasing field, preferably within a multinational set-up.

Knowledge of procurement-related computer software packages, preferably Oracle.
Knowledge of commercial and contractual law.
Fluency in English. A second foreign language is an asset.
Strong communication and negotiation skills.
Ability to work independently or in a team/ results-oriented/ initiative taker.

B.Sc. in Engineering.
Job Contact Person El Barody
Job Contact E-mail [مشاهدة الروابط متاحة فقط لأعضاء المنتدى .. ]