Vision Statement Worksheet

Strategic Planning for your Department
Developing your Vision Statement

A “Vision Statement”:
· a clear picture or description of where and what the department members want to be
· articulates a compelling common purpose
· describes aspirations for the future without necessarily specifying the means to accomplish the desired ends
· is a statement of department members’ ambition
· accounts for department values
· presents the best view of your future
· motivates staff to work towards goals
· defines the department as interesting, active, attractive, and exciting
· embraces continuous improvement and learning
· describes what you are trying to do
· incorporates personal and multiple visions
· grows and evolves over time

The vision statement is a statement that expresses the MIND/HEART/SPIRIT of the department. It is a statement that will identify what we want to improve, maintain, and enhance with regard to the work we must do. It is a benchmark to be used as we make decisions.

Remember to use your heart; be optimistic and idealistic, but realistic. Give a strong image of what you would like the future to look like within the human resources function.

It is five years from now, and the HR department is functioning perfectly and has accomplished the mission and initiatives in its strategic plan. Assume that you have total control, sufficient resources, and no constraints. Strive to envision an ideal program for your department. Assume that you and your colleagues have been hired to initiate a human resources function from scratch for your institution

Assume that you have your current staff, but that no one has been assigned a role or job. What would your program entail? What would you create if you could start from scratch? Using the following questions, write down your thoughts in the present tense (as if this activity was occurring right now).

1. You are in a hot air balloon; what do you see?
2. What improvements have been made?
3. How do people in the department behave and interact with one another?
4. What is our image; how do others inside and/or outside the department perceive us?
5. What impact does our work have?
6. What is our unique contribution to the University around us?

1. Answer questions 1-6 individually
2. Brainstorm as a team:
--a “cover story” and “headlines”
-- words to be part of the vision statement
3. Draft a one-paragraph vision statement from the information above

Draft a one paragraph vision statement from the answers you have given above. We will be . . .