[LTR]How to Narrow Down Resumes

Description: Using online hiring tools can help to narrow down search results for potential candidates. With these tools you can perform very detailed search queries to ensure that you are only looking at candidates that are truly qualified for the job.

When the time comes to hire new employees for one position or for several positions you are faced with the task of sorting through the myriad of applications and resumes that will come pouring in for almost any position. Gone are the days of posting a help wanted sign in the window and getting a few applicants. These days people are scouring job postings and job listing sites. Each job listing can get hundreds of applicants each day. These job seekers are uploading their resumes and profiles to be sent to any job listing that matches their requirements, but what about your requirements? How can you sort through this huge influx of resumes and applications to find suitable employees? You have to take charge of your application process and manage each step of the hiring process. There’s no need to wade through hundreds of inapplicable resumes when you can easily sort and find the most qualified applicants just by changing a few of the steps you take.

Sort by Keywords
If you are looking for an employee that has a certification as an accountant, you can use software programs to search for that information and immediately eliminate all the applications and resumes that don’t have a certification. This strategy can be used with all sorts of keywords and qualifications to make sure that the resumes and applications you keep all belong to people who are actually qualified for the position you are offering.

Change Your Application Strategy
When posting on job listing sites many companies simply advise applicants to send a resume. With a bit of strategic thinking you can adapt the online application to ask specific questions about experience, training and certifications making it easy for you to look through the applications received and weed out those that do not meet your needs. This also enables you to quickly narrow down the applications and decide which applicants to follow up with and ask for a full resume.

While it may seem easier and more efficient at the time to post a few job details and ask people to send resumes; you are actually making more work for your hiring team. Take the time to prepare for the influx of applications and resumes by purchasing a sorting software program as well as changing your application strategy to make things more efficient. Getting hundreds or even thousands of resumes within a day or two is entirely possible with online job listing sites. Be prepared and take steps to ensure that this is not a stressful and confusing time for your hiring team.

Whether you have one position or ten to fill, you can make the entire process easier and less stressful than previous hiring events. These strategies can be used with job fair applications and resumes, job listing sites and even in person applications that are turned in to your company. Each resume and application has a section which contains the information you need, look at that first and discard the ones that don’t qualify before looking more thoroughly at the ones that do qualify.

Guest Blog

Title: How to Manage Resumes

When you have a variety of job openings within your company, you likely have heard all sorts of differing opinions on how to find qualified applicants. With the popularity of online job sites, the number of applicants which apply for jobs has skyrocketed. While this does allow for more applicants, it can create a number of logistical issues for employers. There are a few things that companies can do to better manage the resumes of applicants.

Have very detailed job postings
When you are recruiting for certain positions it is important to list out exactly what you are looking for in terms of a potential employee. Failing to be very clear in your job posting can allow unqualified candidates to apply for your open positions by the hundreds if not thousands. List out detailed skills which need to be found in the job candidates.

Develop a system for reviewing and tracking resumes
After you have successfully posted a job to a variety of recruiting sites it is important to begin to categorize applicants. There are a variety of online tools such as RecruiterBox which offer a host of features which make categorizing and storing all sorts of recruiting information extremely easy. These tools allow you to build a database of potential employees that can be contacted at a moment's notice.

Before hiring for your next job opening, ensure that you have a sound recruiting strategy in place to avoid any issues. With a proper procedure in place along with the right online tools, you should be able to bring in top notch talent for any job opening.

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