How to Screen and Hire the Perfect Employee
The Perfect Traits to Screen For When Screening for New Hires

Whether you are expanding your work force or replacing a previous employee you will want to find the best candidates for the positions that you are filling as possible. You’re going to want your latest new hires to stick around. Employees are an investment, they help your business to grow, not the opposite. In order to find those special soon-to-be-employees it may behoove you to be aware of traits that have classically proven to be an early indicator of a candidate’s value as an employee.

Treating Others with Respect: A huge quality to consider when bringing a new employee into the work place. The work environment needs to have a strong sense of community in order to function efficiently on an everyday basis. Introducing an employee that does not treat others with respect will cause disturbances, distractions, and disputes through out a department which can potentially have a rippling effect that can be felt through the entire workplace. It’s cardinal to bring a new employee who will not cause such issues and rather than taking away from the work experience, he or she will add to it.
Honest and Timely Communication: Honesty and timely communication is the key to resolving issues and making progress. Finding an employee who can tactfully express his or herself as well as their concerns and ideas will help to push your company further.
Team Player: Finding an employee that can work independently is fantastic, however, having the ability to work as a team player is of the utmost importance. A team player understands how to work with others which can ultimately lend its hand to having a well-oiled and efficient workforce. We all learned about what team work in grade school, didn’t we?
Focused on Problem Solving: It’s important to place value in new hires who display an ability to think critically as is a strong indicator that they will be actively engaged and effective in the work that they will be performing.
Deep Knowledge and Understanding of the Industry: It’s true that new skills can always be taught but in some industries having a knowledge base to build upon can prove to be really helpful.
With a strong aptitude towards all or most of these traits you will be sure to find a strong new hire that will bring much benefit to your company. It’s always a good idea to ask questions either directly or indirectly that can indicate whether or not your candidates have the traits of a classically successful new hire.

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