[LTR] Employees are the backbone to any business. It's probably the backbone of yours. They can literally make or break your business. To make sure that they do more to make your business and help you meet success, you have to treat workers well. This goes beyond the initial interview and getting them set for the job. Treating workers well is a continues process. Here are a few tips you can look. Check and see if you do these things for your employees. If you are, you're well on your way to building a strong team and a strong company.

#1 Be Polite
This is the number one rule. Don't be one of those bosses that feels like they've made it to the top and so everyone has to do what they say. This is the best way to lose good people fast! Be polite to everyone everyday, even to the guy who mops the floor of the building of your office. Being polite all the time will make you seem relaxed and approachable, and people like working for that kinds of person!

#2 Give Them Benefits
You may not believe it, but tons of businesses do not offer benefits to their employees. Even basic things like medical benefits can somehow disappear. Though it will cost you a bit of money, giving your employees medical benefits and other benefits is very important. It will keep happy and it will keep them feeling secure, which is something everyone wants to feel.

#3 Check on Them When You Can
Whenever you can, check on your employees. Of course if you own a very large corporation this will be impossible, so in a case like this just check on your top people or the people directly under you. Taking some time to get to know them and see how they're doing, maybe listen to some family problems and try to help, will really help them appreciate you and be happy to be working for you.

#4 Give Credit Where it's Due
It's amazing how many people just expect people to do a good job for them every time. Of course, as a business owner you expect people to do a good job, but when they do, you have to tell them that they did. People want to feel appreciated. If they don't feel appreciated, they will often become unhappy and leave. Avoid this by simply giving the right people a pat on the back.

#5 Give Regular Incentives
Treating your employees well can benefit you too! Try to give incentives each month to get your employees motivated and happy. For example, the employee of the month can get the best parking space for the next month, or maybe they get a free dinner to a nice restaurant, or maybe a small bonus. Whatever you choose, giving incentives will make them happier and working harder too!

Remember, it is very hard to run a successful business without good and happy workers. So treat workers well. You should especially try to hang on to your best employees. Good employees are very hard to come by, and if you've found a couple, you should do your best to make them stay. You don't know whether you'll be lucky enough to find someone who is as good or better.