[LTR] Due to competitive pressures, the human resource people are on the lookout for acquiring the best available talent, suitable to their organization needs, in shortest possible time and from any available sources. Thus they may handover the recruitment to the external agencies or may use the technological tool like Cv parser for fulfilling their purpose.

Thus selecting the right kind of resume parser software will definitely provide your organization the desired competitive advantage. Earlier the manpower searching systems were literally not available since most of the recruitment was handled by the internal team. But nowadays one can find thousands of vendors which provide the resume search or the recruitment help software differing in price based on the features included in the package. Even some open source type software are available offering the basic functionality.

To select best possible resume search software for an organization, one should consider the following key features or key points like:

  • First you should get yourself clear about how at present you do the recruitment function. Also think about how you want to do the recruiting now onwards, what kind of improvements you are expecting from going for the Cv software, what type of support system required to support its implementation and so on.
  • Before deciding about any particular Hr software, you should beforehand know the hardware requirements for the support of that software. Does your organization have the desired infrastructure in place, or any budget has to be allocated for the same.
  • Check for how long the software vendor is in the same business, has client references, or the support capability. Since once you go online and as the database starts expanding it becomes difficult to manage the system with changing requirements. Hence try to have software having the flexible or modular approach in its design.
  • Look for the technologies used for building the resume parser like the programming language, or database engine used, and various other tools used to make it useful for internet or company wide networking capability. Make sure that your software is any vendor independent or the vendor should have the capacity and technological strength to upgrade with the changing times or it should be more open source type.
  • Check your budget, time and other human resource constraints before deciding about particular software.
  • Ensure about the quality of the software through questions like possibility of demo to get a feel about its functionality, required hardware resources, modularity, the database technology, the memory requirements, time required to present the search results, reporting capabilities, supporting staff requirements and their training, documentation, etc.
  • Legal compliance facilities provided in the software.
  • Finally check whether the software has capacity to handle the heavy work load in online and even in the background offline mode.

Considering the above key factors select resume search software to handle the requirements of your organization and reap its benefits of getting the desired talent in shortest possible time.