HR and Business Job Descriptions

Through all levels of management and staffs, duties differ and responsibilities diverse through departments. They might have something in common, and they should vary and have different yields and power.

Also there is no doubt that jobs’ levels in all companies have descriptions that define duties and requirements, and highlight what should be done and what should be required, whether it is a low level position or the highest one.
Hence and due to the importance of job description, and whether you are an applicant or employer, here below some HR and business jobs description:

1. Human Resources Consultant Job Description
In any organization, it is important that a human resource consultant is hired because they are one asset of any organization. Skills on interpersonal relationship and communication are a must for a human resources consultant. HR consultant has a wide range of responsibilities to accomplish.
A human resources consultant is liable in assisting clients to have effective integration in HR process, programs that may be helpful to their daily operations. Human Resources consultant also is defined as the one responsible for hiring suitable applicants to work in the institution or company.
- Responsibilities of a Human Resources Consultant

Every HR consultant aims to hire, train, educate, and attract employees to apply in the organization. HR consultants can be generalist or specialist. Meaning he or she can handle all aspect of the business or he or she is only required to focus in an area of assignment.
  1. Responsible for hiring, recruitment, staffing and process employees’ promotion or termination.
  2. They can also provide job trainings, or new employee orientation.
  3. They may also ask to work in and manage with benefit [plans, budget and finance, or tasked to monitor benefit cost.
  4. They develop safety programs for the new and old employees and ensure obedience to law and punishments.

- Education and other Requirements of a Human Resources Consultant
A company or an institution preferred to hire aspiring HR consultants if they are bachelor’s degree holder but a graduate-level is also considered. Field of study that adds advantage include human resource management, psychology, finance, statistics, basic knowledge on constitution laws, organization structure, and labor relations. A HR consultant also must be good in interpersonal and communication skills since they do most of the interviews.
- Salary of a Human Resources Consultant
Since an HR consultant is considered an asset to the company they must be compensated with justice. Like any other average salary, the amount depends on the stability and location of a company or an institution. But an average salary of an HR consultant can reach at least $84 000 per year (In USA)
2. Human Resources Coordinator Job Description

A human resources coordinator is part of the HR Department and provides assistance in all of the more important functions in the department such as recruitment, maintenance of employee records and development of employees. They coordinate with several departments to maintain the consistency of the process implemented by the company seamless.

- Duties of a Human Resources Coordinator
  • The human resources coordinator is responsible for record keeping of employees as well as formulating new methods that would greatly help in the retention of employees. They are also responsible in coordinating with the managers regarding the proper implementation of policies and procedures implemented by the company.
  • Helps in the consultation regarding employee related scenarios such as the turnover, attendance, changes in the work environment as well as employee incentive that could lead to the retention of the employee.
  • Performs interviews for corporate recruitment in cases the HR Director is not present. They would also have to assess performance of the employees as well as issuing appropriate disciplinary actions or recognition based on employee behavior and performance.

- Educational Requirements of a Human Resources Coordinator
A human resources coordinator should have a bachelor’s degree in human resources although it should be noted that several institutions do not offer a degree program for human resources but they do offer individual courses related to human resources. Interested candidates can also get certification through American Society for Training and Development where they can undergo 16 short term programs.

3. Employment Specialist Job Description
They are people who specialize in the employment issues of a certain company. There are many companies that are in need of an employment specialist as a part of their human resource department, since it involves working with employees and a good working environment.

- Duties of an Employment Specialist
Being an employment specialist involves the following:
a. They provide the placement services of the jobseekers.
b. They evaluate and help screen recruitment resources.
c. They research and choose the best candidates for the position that are applying for.
d. They maintain and manage some resume database.
e. They keep on updating the candidates’ profile, sourcing and tracking.
f. They scheduled the interviews for the candidates.
g. They support the staff in processing and sending the letters.
h. They facilitate the internal staffing patterns in order to enhance performance.
i. They manage the advertisement and the budget recruitment.
j. They deliver a high quality employment services to candidates, sponsors and employers.

- Educational Requirements of an Employment Specialist
You must complete a bachelor’s degree which is a minimum requirement of an employment specialist. Some of the employers prefer who has a degree in personnel administration, psychology, human resources, or labor/industry relations.
Having an experience in the field or the degrees stated above has the capability of being an employment specialist. There are many universities offering certificates for this field.

4. Human Resources Specialist Job Description
As a human resources team member, a human resources specialist or an HR specialist helps the team on searching for the most appropriate candidates and hiring these people. They are also in charge for personnel planning and the training of these personnel and other employees.

- Duties of a Human Resources Specialist:

a. A human resources specialist supports higher personnel on employee-seeking. They supervise the advertisements for these jobs, the recruitment, the application process and employment verification or separation with coordination to the organization’s policies and agreements.
b. Human resources specialists are also in charge for the interpretation of transcript of records, employment records and references.
c. A human resources specialist is responsible for assisting programs for employees regarding the department needs.
d. Human resources specialists also conduct orientation programs for the applying candidates or the newly-recruited.
e. HR specialists also prepare invoices for payroll reporting.
f. Human resources specialists also keep in touch with the employees of other departments to provide information regarding recruitment and employment, transfers and legislation.

- Educational Requirement of a Human Resources Specialist:

a. In order to be a human resources specialist, one must bear a bachelor’s degree on Business Management or Human Resources Management. Some employers require a degree on Human Resources Management and other related fields in an accredited institution.
b. Employers prefer candidates who bear certificates in this field.

5. Business Consultant Job Description
A business consultant is one important asset of a business firm. Their analysis and opinion contributes a lot to the success and growth of a business.
A business consultant has specialized in an area of business management. It may be business strategies and techniques, marketing, logistics, production and distribution, human resources and hiring. A business consultant can actually work and provide services to all aspects of the business but has to be an expert on one field.
- Duties of a business consultant:
a. Business consultants expand and preserve marketing strategies and techniques of their business programs.
b. Business consultants provide services and employment to job seekers.
c. Communicates with business owners, managers, workers, co-workers.
d. They provide trainings for the employees to grow and train them to furnish in the business.
e. It is their responsibility to compile reports and communicate this to their bosses.
f. They provide services to business costumers with their business related questions; give appropriate information, giving referrals.

- Education and other requirements for a business consultant:
Business consultants took up a management related course. They also have master’s degree in Business management or other related fields. They also gain their experiences through internship in different business consulting firms. Their experience can really increase their chance of employment. They can also gain certifications and referral from their on-job trainings on firms that can actually help in future business consultant job. Two year training is also required before you can qualify to business job consultant.

- Skill requirement for a business consultant:
A business consultant requires being good in communication, management, analytical and problem solving skill. These skills are required and are basics in business management strategies. Business consultant must also be confident and open minded to criticisms and consider this as a challenge. It is also a requirement for the business consultant to have the heart of the business. They must be passionate and also knowledgeable to the business firm. A business consultant must really possess all of these skills in order to succeed in their venture to business.