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Today's evolved workforce needs things other than a handsome pay package to stay motivated. Organisations, which can attract, retain and motivate employees, emerge winners. Human resources are high priority in today's global markets. It does not take much to have a motivated workforce, according to Gregory Smith

HR can use three key factors for developing motivating work environments:

1. Positive work environment

2. Rewards for right behaviour

3. Employee involvement

4. Positive work environment

Positive work environments foster a sense of
pride and purpose among their employees. Such organisations command employee commitment and satisfaction effortlessly. What creates a positive work environment:

1. Explaining the "big picture" and how it influences employee growth

2. Providing feedback on employee performance

3. Making employees understand the company's expectations

4. Involving employees in decision-making, wherever required

5. Listening to their suggestions

6. Empowering them to do their jobs better

7. Encouraging them to learn new skills or improve old ones

8. Assigning them a mentor

9. Rewards for right behaviour

No financial reward in the world can replace a compliment. Sure, money does attract talent through the front door, but it never prevents them from leaving through the back door. Most employees leave due to lack of praise and recognition. These two are critical elements in retention strategies. Catering to the basic human need to feel appreciated and creating consequences that foster such behaviour are important business secrets. Behaviour could be showing up for on time, perfect attendance or going beyond the call of duty. Rewards and recognition ensure such behaviour.

A peer recognition and reward programme should have the FAST-FUN formula:

1. Focus on the behaviour to be rewarded

2. Avoid bureaucratic committees Simplicity.

3. Team ownership · FUN, entertainment and spontaneity

4. Employee involvement

It is not just employee "hands" that are critical for organisations; their minds, ideas and hearts, too matter. Employee involvement at all levels positively impacts morale, motivation and retention,.
The organisation needs to create a work environment where employees enjoy what they do, feel they have a purpose and are able to reach their potential.

Organisations need to inspire confidence, courage and zeal amongst their employees. Managers need to boost employee morale, which is the foundation for increased productivity. Motivational principles help managers become more effective when working with people