[LTR][LTR]Sample HR Task-Responsibility Chart

Task-Responsibility Name of Primary or Lead Person(s) Name of Back-up Person(s)
1- permanent recruitments
2-other recruitments
3- new hires, appointments, contract letters
4-payroll and leave accounting
5-benefits and retirements
7-performance evaluation
8-Employee Relations
9-promotions and renewals of appointment
10-terminations of appointment
11-grievances and complaints
12-title changes
13-salary equity
14-salary administration
15-Workers’ Compensation
16-Unemployment Compensation
17-criminal background checks
18-Affirmative Action Plan
19-EEO complaints
20-ADA Accommodations
21-International Taxes
23-HR Strategic Plan
24-Reorganization of depts./units
25-Document Imaging
26-Employment Verifications
27-Extraction of data/Reports/Queries
28-Tuition Reimbursement
29-Work w/supervisors: conflict resolution; perform issues
30-Payroll documents (W-4s, DD, I-9s, selective service)
31-Department Org Charts
32-HR website
33-HR Administration (Purchasing, Budget, etc.)
34-Personnel files
35-scanning, mail, travel arrangements, reimbursements