How to Spot a Bad Recruitment Agency
Keep your eyes peeled for some of these signs

Job hunting can be extremely stressful. Aside from the main objective of finding a new job with an employer that you will want to work for, in many cases there are financial burdens, emotional stressors, and social pressures that put further weight on your need to find the perfect job. It’s because we understand the gravitas of what job hunting encompasses that we believe it would be a good idea for you to know how to determine a good recruitment agency from a bad one. Keep your eyes and ears open for any of the following telltale signs of a flat out bad recruitment agency.


Asking for a Fee: Simply put: if your recruitment agency is charging fees, then do not sign anything. Any credible recruitment agency will not charge you for their services. They should be getting paid by the employer that they’ve contracted with – not by you. Avoid any recruitment agency that has any fees that are directed towards you.

Leading You in a Direction You Don’t Want to Go: Any recruitment agency worth its weight will take both your experience and aspirations into consideration when tracking down the perfect job for you. If you find that you are being pushed in a direction that doesn’t sit well with you, then you may be courting a recruitment agency that is not putting much effort into your case. Your job is your livelihood; it should not be taken lightly. A great recruitment agency will always have your best career interests in mind when navigating a job hunt.
Is Your Recruiter Overly Confident?: It’s great to have a recruiter that is confident in finding you fruitful employment; however, it’s not a good thing to have a recruiter that is overconfident about it. Overconfidence is a tool that many fraudulent and lackluster recruitment agencies will use to prey on you when you are weakened by the struggle of seeking new employment – don’t be fooled. Keep your guard up, but at the same time, take the time to understand whether or not your recruiter is selling you on dreams. There are many scams out there that try to get your personal information, address, account numbers, email addresses, etc., so that they can sell that data to the highest bidder. Don’t become a cynic, but be aware that this does happen at times. As long as you keep your eyes open for the signs, you will be fine.
Liberal with the Truth: If your recruitment agency is okay with telling white lies or stretching the truth in order to help get you a job, it may be a sign that you are dealing with an agency that cannot be trusted. This can put you in a predicament upon getting hired and can even turn out to be a scam.
These are a few of the major signs that you can look out for in order to tell whether or not you are working with a credible recruitment agency. Aside from keeping an eye out for these indicators, it is also wise to ask any questions that you have for the recruitment agency. A lack of transparency or a lack of detail can also raise a red flag. As always, it’s a good idea to research any companies that you’ll be working with. This goes for both your potential employer as well as the recruitment agency that you’ll be working with. See what others are saying about them, and if they aren’t readily visible online, then it’s time to start asking questions.
This is meant to help protect your best interest rather than cause skepticism. Pay attention to your instincts and intuition; when you’re in good hands, it will become quite apparent. Best of luck in your job search!

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