Hill Country Community Action Association, Inc.
Head Start Job Description

JOB TITLE: Site Director FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt

REPORTS TO: Assigned Content Area Coordinator REVISION DATE: May 16, 2006


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The Site Director (SD) will ensure that each Head Start child and family is offered quality services, and strive to establish and maintain a positive rapport with each family. The SD will work closely with center staff and content area coordinators (Education, Family and Community Partnerships, Nutrition, Health, Mental Health, and Disabilities, Eligibility/Selection) to implement a case management approach in resolving family/child problems or challenges. Every effort will be made to encourage and promote family self-sufficiency. The SD will assist in the team-building efforts of each locally assigned center by attending center staff meetings and parent events, and by maintaining positive communication with the center staff. On occasion, the SD will fill in for classroom staff, when a volunteer or substitute is not available. The SD will be responsible for employee supervision and general operation of the Center, to include evaluation of the effectiveness of teaching practices and classroom management.

(Education Content Area)
1. Maintain an awareness of classroom safety; address concerns with the appropriate staff as situations arise; report to center supervisory staff any classroom safety concerns that cannot be solved at the center level.
2. Assist with room arrangement to create a pleasant, inviting classroom atmosphere.
(Health Content Area)
3. Work with all program staff and families with required screenings (hearing, vision, anemia, dental, physical exam, and immunizations.)
4. Work with all program staff and families to ensure that health concerns (referrals) are completed in a timely manner.
5. Record progression or regression of health concerns.
6. Assist in developing a resource listing of local health providers.
7. Assist families with medical transportation referrals; transport children to appointments only in extreme cases of need.
8. Contact the area Health Coordinator for assistance as needed-- before a medical deadline has not been met, so that appropriate interventions can be implemented.
(Family and Community Partnerships)
9. Initiate the family partnership process, to include scheduling/making home visits, and completing family profiles.
10. Develop and implement the Family Partnership Agreement (FPA). Record progress in the individual child’s file.
11. Maintain communication with each family (at least monthly), or as required by the family situation.
12. Coordinate with other agencies to ensure the accomplishment of family goals; identify any pre-existing family plans.
13. Document family contacts in the child’s file per Head Start procedures.
14. Follow up with family referrals (FPA’s) to make certain that services are adequately provided.
15. Provide resource referrals to families to ensure that the FPA is achieved, or that family needs are met.
16. Advocate for families by becoming involved in community services, and/or becoming knowledgeable of available local resources; assist in compilation of the resource directory.

Job Description: Site Director
Date: May 16, 2006

17. Promote family literacy by encouraging continued education.
18. Work with all program staff to coordinate services; attend staffings as scheduled to communicate or refer for case management.
19. Work with all program staff to assist with transition services: into Head Start, from Head Start, or to another Head Start program.
20. Assist in the training and recruitment of parent or community volunteers.
21. Assist in compiling content area information for PIR (Program Information Report).
(Mental Health/Disabilities)
22. Assist with parent transportation to assessments, appointments, or ARDs as needed.
23. Help with the scheduling of transition meetings.
24. Obtain written parental consent as requested.
25. Ensure that appropriate income documentation is attached to all applications.
26. Assist in recruitment efforts.
27. Screen applications for Head Start to ensure accuracy and completeness.
(Child Abuse)
28. Support center staff when instances of child abuse occur.
29. Assist with the implementation of support services to families suspected of child abuse.
30. Promote child abuse awareness and our policies regarding child abuse at parent orientation home visit.
31. Work with program and center staff to provide parent orientation of local transportation policies.
32. Notify parents as “no-shows” occur.
33. Perform any other duties as assigned by the Head Start Program Director.


EDUCATION: Minimum: High School diploma, with coursework and experience meeting the requirements of Texas Minimum Standards for Center Director. Preferred education: Associate’s or Bachelor’s in Social Work, Child Development, or in a related field with experience in service delivery to the underprivileged, or experience in the Head Start program. Other preferred education: A CDA credential for preschool age children.

EXPERIENCE: A minimum of 1 year’s employment with the Head Start program is preferred. Must generally have at least two year’s experience in a licensed center. Knowledge of interviewing techniques and client sensitivity required.

SKILLS: Strong management and organizational skills, as well as an understanding of developmentally appropriate practice. The Site Director must have the ability to communicate with and to motivate parents. Must be flexible and have well-developed written, verbal, and interpersonal skills. Must be able to maintain records, assist with reports, and clearly understand written or verbal instruction. Ability to work effectively with individuals from various ethnic, socioeconomic, educational, and cultural backgrounds. Ability to identify, assimilate, comprehend, and solve critical elements of various family situations (initiate solutions without constant supervision). Must be respectful of diverse cultural backgrounds; non-judgmental. Must maintain current certification in hearing and vision screening, and in CPR/first aid (received within one year’s employment).

OTHER: Professional in manner and attire. No record of a conviction which would contraindicate employment. Must have a valid Class C driver’s license and a reliable vehicle with current vehicle liability insurance; insurable under HCCAA’s vehicle insurance policy. Every 2 years: a TB test with a negative reading and a Head Start physical screening. Must comply with all HCCAA Policies, and maintain confidentiality and courtesy in all phases of agency operations.

Job Description: Site Director
Date: May 16, 2006


Directly responsible for supervision and evaluation of the Teachers, Assistants, and Classroom Aide at the Head Start Center.


Must be able to operate a computer and other office machines such as fax, calculator, copier, and telephone. Must be able to drive agency vehicles.


Requires sitting, standing, bending, reaching, and driving. May require lifting up to 50 pounds. Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate standard office machines such as computers, fax machines, calculators, telephones, and other office equipment. Requires normal range of hearing and vision.


Must handle new and diverse work problems on a daily basis. Personal maturity is an important attribute. Must be able to resolve problems, handle conflict, and make effective decisions under pressure. Must have the ability to listen objectively to people, perceive the real problem and assist in bringing issues to a successful conclusion. Must relate and interact with employees at all levels within the Agency. Bilingual skills are encouraged.


Occasionally called upon to work outside of the normal 8-5 working day, or work odd schedules. Regularly travel to scheduled staffings while school is in session, and to meetings as required. Transport children to medical appointments as needed.


Accrual of sick and vacation time, hospitalization insurance, employee paid group dental insurance, life insurance, long term disability insurance, participation in the 401-k retirement plan after a year’s employment, 125 Flexible Benefit Cafeteria Plan, and paid holidays.


I have reviewed the Site Director job description and acknowledge its receipt with my signature below. I understand that my job may not necessarily be limited to those listed, as their exact nature may vary as program, project elements, and priorities change in the future. I understand that this job description may be updated as needed.

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