What Syria really needs is a government of geniuses;

‘’People thinking outside of the box and willing to get out of the shell’’.

It’s just as if the country went sterile on capable men!
Today’s Syria needs a new, capable governmental team. Let’s not wait for anything! Let’s not wait for the National Conference or even the parliamentary elections to form a new government. Syria needs a rescue squad headed by an independent character that is agreed upon by Syrians. Someone armed with expertise on the levels of decision making as well as negotiating issues, a leader of a harmonious, trustworthy crew with good reputation and an upright repertoire. And Syria with its loyal sons and daughters, current residents and expatriates, is capable of producing a new governmental team not chosen by ‘’the comrades’’ – one can count at least five names to preside a government that can deliver Syria from hell-.

Our current government, prime minister and ministers, is a government of employees with ministerial positions. They can’t –due to lack of authority as well as personal potency- transform the status queue and rescue the country’s collapsing economy. And with all due respect to them as people of good reputation, they are merely a group of employees appointed by Al-Baath party and its partners at The National Progressive Front on the basis of loyalty to the party and good personal relations but in reality, they don’t represent anybody but themselves.

We need a government that can ‘attack’ problems and manage crises, a government willing to adopt the right standards when choosing its employees, a government that can take the right decision quickly and without hesitation, a government able to resurrect the economy and employ the natural and human resources. This new government should include people who represent the public not the wealthy 1% and economy monopolists. It should also give the chance to the Syrian opposition to take part in holding responsibility. It’s time for the people to run the country.